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What Are Chimney Caps?

A chimney cap is a metal cap or cover located on the top of your chimney, right above the chimney crown and covering the opening.  Chimney caps are usually made of steel and copper mesh. They also come in different shapes and sizes to match your chimney and enhance your home.

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Why Do You Need A Chimney Cap?

While the chimney cap is not crucial in using a fireplace, it serves other valuable functional purposes. In many ways, chimney caps protect your chimney and the entire house.

Under the chimney cap is the flue, the pipe/duct that allows smoke to leave your home. The flue can be mad However, an uncapped chimney can lead to a lot of bad things.

Here are some reasons why you need a chimney cap for your home:

  1. Chimney caps help prevent house fires. 

Chimney caps help control sparks, which in turn prevents fires. Chimney caps stop fires inside and outside your home.

How does this work? Chimney caps keep embers from coming into the chimney. And it also stops embers from going up and out of the chimney onto the roof.

  1. Chimney caps reduce moisture in your home. 

Unfortunately, when you have an uncapped chimney, the house has increased moisture. This moisture can lead to damage to your chimney liners and dampers.

Moisture also damages the walls and ceiling, leading to mold and mildew growth.

Chimney caps are the best solution to protect your home and chimney from unwanted moisture.

  1. A chimney cap keeps animals out. 

During the cold months of the year, many small animals will walk along the roof, including squirrels and birds. When animals get comfortable and settle in your chimney, they can destroy your fireplace’s integrity.

Installing a chimney cap will improve the quality of your home by preventing interior damage and eliminating an open pathway for critters.

Types of Chimney Caps

When choosing a chimney cap, you want to make sure it is made of suitable material. The three most popular options are:

  • Stainless Steel Chimney Caps
  • Galvanized Chimney Caps
  • Copper Chimney Caps

Each one has its pros and cons. Find out more about the different types of chimney caps here:

Why Is Copper The Best Option For You

In your chimney, you will find a single or extended flue (the chimney pipe or duct which smoke and gases leave the home) that will protrude above the fireplace and extend to the top of the chimney. With this, you have ample opportunity to have a fashionable and functional chimney cap.

Here are some reasons why copper is the best option as your chimney cap:

Keeping Out Weather and Critters

High-quality copper chimney caps are solid and sturdy, protecting your chimney and flue.  Also, copper chimney caps will protect your home from all pests and animal intruders who try to get inside your home.

They can withstand nearly all of the most extreme weather conditions. For those who live in areas where thunderstorms and tornadoes are a thing, the copper chimney cap will stay in place.

It Actually Decreases Your Downdraft

Here’s where the workmanship of the copper chimney cap will come in handy. Copper chimney caps actually decreases the amount of downdraft from the chimney pot felt inside the building.

How? The copper chimney cap will allow more gas and smoke to leave your fireplace through your chimney.

Now you will have a well-ventilated fireplace, and because of that, your fireplace will have a longer lasting chimney.


Also, copper chimney caps are durable and can withstand the corrosive exhaust from gas logs. Low maintenance and low cost also make copper chimney caps an excellent choice.

Because of their durability and low maintenance, copper chimney caps are easy to clean and maintain. And who wouldn’t want one less thing to clean?

Elegant Aesthetic to Your Home

For those who are style-conscious, adding a simple chimney cap would not do well for your home and would stick out like a sore thumb. Aesthetically, copper is the best option for a chimney cap.

Along with their beauty, copper chimney caps are sturdy. Instead of rusting, the patina turns a greyish color and prevents the metal from erosion.

An Eco-Friendly Option

We’ve talked about how durable and stylish copper chimney caps are, but did you know how eco-friendly they are?

Copper is such a sustainable metal, unlike any other metal out there. Copper has a long life cycle and is fully recyclable, all while being durable.

At Crescent City Copper, we use recycled copper to build our chimney caps. It takes a smaller amount of energy to use recycled copper instead of using new copper for our chimney caps.

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Where Can I Find Copper Chimney Caps?

With the different copper selections available through manufacturers, homeowners have many options that will turn their home into something spectacular.

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