Copper Dryer Vents

Copper dryer vents are a way to keep unwanted elements out of your home while expelling the hot air from the dryer. While these are an essential part of any home that has a dryer, copper dryer vents offer a unique and beautiful way to accomplish this function and enhance the appearance of your home.

A Few of the Most Popular Copper Dryer Vents We Carry

Crescent City Copper carries a large selection of copper dryer vents including the following:

More than just an ugly dryer vent

Copper has been used in a variety of buildings for hundreds of years because of its appealing appearance. Initially a shiny reddish color, copper develops a patina over time that is unlike any other material. Copper dryer vents look great when installed and continue to improve in appearance over time.

Durable and long lasting value

Although copper is clearly an attractive material, it is also a highly functional one as well. Copper vents will not crack like plastic dryer vents, and it will not rust like other metal options. These vents can be used for dryers, but they have a range of functions including linking them to kitchen or bathroom fans where ventilation is also necessary.

Which dryer vent is the right choice for your home?

Depending on your home’s construction, you may need either a flush-mount dryer vent or a stucco one. In either case, the vent itself comes in the following popular styles, although custom designs can be created by Crescent City Copper’s team of professionals if you have something different in mind.

  • Slope dryer vents have straight lines, creating a clean slope and an overall modern appearance. This style complements almost every architectural style due to its simple versatility.
  • Sweep dry vents have a curve to the slope it the lines and visible seams to create a more intricate and elaborate design. This can be especially attractive with Victorian style architecture, which also features intricate embellishments.

Regardless of your home’s architectural style, you will be able to find a copper dryer vent that compliments the appearance of the home while expressing your unique sense of style and taste. A copper dryer vent is an environmentally friendly way to improve the appearance of your home, add value to the curb appeal, and install a fixture that will not need repairs or replacement for a long time.

Shop Copper Dryer Vents from Crescent City Copper

Copper dryer vents are more than a good choice, they are a smart choice for your home. At Crescent City Copper, you will find a great selection of copper dryer vents and other copper fixtures for your home or office.

If you are considering copper dryer vents for your home, browse our website for styles and designs or call the friendly and professional staff at Crescent City Copper who will be happy to answer your questions.