Answers to your most frequently asked questions about copper awnings.

Q – Can any of the awnings or other products be custom made in a different size or material?

A – Yes. We are a sheet metal fabricator and can manufacture any product from a different metal, give it a unique finish or customize if for any size or application.

Q – Why does copper turn green?

A – When exposed to the outdoor elements copper will change colors over time as it develops a “patinia” or protective covering. This process is completely natural and takes many years for the colors to change from the shiny brown of new color to the unique green of older copper.

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Q – How do you install a copper awning into brick?

A – Hammer drill into brick and use lead anchors or tubular anchors with stainless steel screws in a negative washer.

Q – Can you keep the copper awning looking shiny?

A – Yes. There is a copper shield spray you can purchase.

Q – Can you accelerate the patina process?

A – Yes. You can spray anything acidic and rub this in, but we don’t recommend it.