Each year, it’s fun to see what’s trending and glean new ideas to freshen up your home. 2016 is a great year for home décor with its emphasis on mixing and matching from different eras to create a new look.

soft blue bedroom with pink and grey bedding with pop of copper

You’ll discover creative freedom to apply bold colors to your walls, add metallic and copper tones for a bit of bling, and freely mix antiques with posh modern.

Colors and Spaces For 2016

One simple way to update the look of your home is to add a fresh coat of paint. This year, dramatic colors are in style. Dark blues and grays are appearing on many interior walls.

Paired with shiny metal accents, this look won’t be drab. Instead of paintings or portraits, imagine dark walls lined with metal framed mirrors. The mirrors reflect light and the metal frames add brightness to contrast with the dark walls.

If you’re not ready to go that dark, warm dusty pinks are also making an appearance. Pinks blend well with last year’s gray palette.

The warm tones of copper pair beautifully with many shades of pink and add interest to these more muted colors. Wall hangings, candlesticks, and picture frames are all excellent choices for metal accents.

2016 has seen the trend for wide open floor plans continue. In new homes, you’ll no longer find the sitting room, parlor, dining room, and family room.

Bedrooms are separate but much of the house is open and relies on furniture to designate the purpose of each space. Beyond that, foodie culture has made the kitchen much more of a social gathering place.

Play Up the Patterns, Textures, and Accents

The geographic designs of the art deco era are making a comeback. It’s appearing most strikingly in tiles and paints.

Imagine a white tiled bathroom with a patch of a bold, geometric pattern as the centerpiece. Another option is to have plain walls and counters paired with an intricately designed floor pattern.

For decorative pieces, 2016 values goods bought directly from locally sourced shops and artists.

Concerns about the environment are leading to increased interest in handmade objects that won’t be thrown away.

While interest in local artwork is on the rise, mass produced home goods still have their place.

It’s not uncommon to see a one-of-a-kind, locally sourced ceramic on a coffee table purchased at IKEA. Mixing and matching to get what you need and serves your values is the underlying theme.

As part of the mix and match theme, splashes of retro are making an appearance in 2016 home décor. Designers freely pick from different eras to find fun and interesting pieces to complement modern décor.

The key word is complement. We’re talking about adding retro 70’s armchairs to the sitting area, not recreating the entire 70s living room.

Enjoy Smart and Sustainable Living

Above all, sustainability is a key concern in home design.

This ranges from using reclaimed materials for artwork and furniture to updating windows for energy efficiency. Mixing and matching from different decades mean you can upgrade with a well-chosen, old piece of furniture.

Smart tools that make homes more convenient and efficient are also on the rise. You can find

sprinkler systems that won’t water when the ground is already wet and ‘rain sensors’ that operate based on weather forecast.

Programming a thermostat is old news but now you can program each room from a central thermostat.

Interested in local, artisan copper to freshen up your home? Reach out to our team about how copper metalwork complements your home décor.