Metal Door Awnings Custom Built from Crescent City Copper

If you’re looking to spice up the exterior of your home or business, there’s no better way to do so than with copper metal door awnings.

From a functional standpoint, these door coverings help shield you, your guests, your employees, and your customers from weather conditions like heavy rain, snow loads, and ice, while also protecting the integrity of your door.

Aesthetically, copper metal door awnings add a touch of style and class to any building’s architectural design, and help your home or business stand out against the rest.

Why Choose Copper Metal for Door Awnings?

When if comes to selecting any awning for your home or business’s front doors and entryways, you have many material choices from which to choose, including plastic, canvas and aluminum. However, these materials simply aren’t built to last the way that copper is.

That’s because:

  • Plastic awnings can fade in the sun and also get cracks and tears in them from heavy winds.
  • Fabric awnings (acrylic, cotton, polyester, or canvas awnings) can fade in the sun and also get torn in heavy wind storms. It can also sag if not stretched properly.
  • Aluminum awnings begin to rust over time, deteriorating their aesthetic appeal. Aluminum is a softer and more malleable metal, which means it can easily be damaged and dented, leading to higher maintenance costs and upkeep.
  • Stainless steel awnings need to be coated in protective finishes to be rust-resistant.

For all of these reasons, plastic, fabric, and aluminum awnings need to be replaced frequently over time, whereas copper door awnings are designed to last a lifetime.

On the other hand, copper forms a highly durable patina, protecting the underlying metal from corrosion, damage, and natural wear. Patina formation starts immediately on exposure, and the changes are apparent within six months after installation.

The underlying copper is then protected, resulting in a material that exhibits outstanding natural beauty, requires little maintenance and is extremely durable.

What Styles of Metal Door Awnings are Available?

When it comes to choosing a metal door awning made of copper for your home or business, you have a variety of styles from which to choose.

These include:

  • Canopy Awnings: Hands down the most popular style of metal awning, these metal door awnings offer a classic and timeless look.
  • Standing Seam Awnings: This more simple style of awnings has clean lines. They can be accentuated with wrought iron brackets to add to your particular taste.
  • Sweep with Standing Seam Awnings: This curved awning has visible seems that create a look of elegance for your home or business.

Dome or Barrel Awnings: These awnings are more rounded. Depending on your particular desires and taste, they can be completely smooth or rigid.

Should I Choose a Prefabricated or Custom Metal Door Awning?

At our shop, we carry a number of prefabricated metal door awnings from which you can choose. You can shop our gallery here.

Alternatively, some homeowners or business owners want to have a look that is uniquely theirs. For that reason, we employ on-staff designers and fabricators who can design and create any metal door awning you want! From a retractable awning with heavy-duty support arms to one with a French-quarter door canopy with a mill finish, we can design it for you.

And best of all, they’re all American made!

Enjoy Your Patio With a Copper Awning

Homeowners who love to host events have considered purchasing a patio awning for their home. The addition of a patio awning transforms it into a focal point for family gatherings, parties, and daily relaxation in the great outdoors.

From classically simple designs to decorative copper awnings, the ability to upgrade your outdoor living space with the right porch awning cannot be understated. Either way, a copper awning will add a layer of protection so your family and friends can spend time outside despite the weather.

The Importance of Investing in Your Home or Business

While copper metal door awnings initially cost more than awnings made of other materials, they make up for these higher upfront costs in their longevity. While plastic, canvas, and aluminum awnings need to be replaced over time, copper metal door awnings are designed to last a lifetime.

You read that right.

When you choose a metal door awning for your home or business, you won’t have to worry about replacement costs down the road, that is, unless you’d like to change up the look of your home.

Contact Us Today with Your Questions

We are always happy to answer questions about the integrity of metal door awnings, their functionality, and whether or not you should choose a prefabricated model or a custom option. To reach us to discuss any question you may have, contact us online or call us today at (877) 251-5327.