Money Saving Reasons to Buy a Copper Window Awning

700sThese days, few things get more attention than tips on saving money.  Just about everyone is on a budget and looking for ways to reduce their monthly expenses in order to leave money for the more important things in life. A close second to the interest in saving money is the desire to “go green” with lifestyle changes that mean energy savings and using natural resources in a responsible way.

The good news is that permanent window awnings made from natural, durable copper offer the chance to do both – save money over the long term using a natural, durable resource that won’t wind up being thrown out in just a few years.

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How can an awning save you money?

1. Go Green – Realize Energy savings from awnings

green_logoThere are a number of ways people are seeking to streamline their energy consumption with the goal of reducing their monthly expenses.  These include things like better insulating their attics and walls, insulating pipes and water heaters, and properly sealed windows covered with heat reducing tint.

However many people don’t realize that your window coverings can help reduce the amount of heat your home by blocking the sun’s rays.  And a permanent window awning is the best way to do this as they last for years with little or no maintenance.

Here are few energy related facts you may not know:

  • Twenty percent (20%) of the demand on air conditioners in residential buildings is a result of solar heat
  • Windows are the greatest source of energy loss – the amount of energy that escapes through one square foot of glass is equal to the amount of energy that escapes through an entire insulated wall
  • Awnings can reduce the energy required to cool a home by up to 33% depending on the climate

2. A one time, permanent solution

A major reason to choose a permanent window awning made from a long-lasting material such as copper is that they will provide you with a lifetime of use.  So while the initial investment for a copper awning may be higher than a fabric awning – you will save money over the long run as the copper awning will give you 20+ years of life…lasting long after the faded and torn fabric awning has been replaced.

3. Protect your expensive home decor

If you have ever noticed fading of expensive fabrics, flooring or furniture near a window you have witnessed the destructive impact that the sun can have on your home’s interior.  Awnings save you money by preventing the sun from fading window treatments, carpets, artwork, and furniture, extending the lifespan of these components of your home.

4. Add value to your home

While window awnings certainly are not the only way to cut energy costs in your home, they are one of the most visually appealing additions that also serve a functional purpose. Unlike shutters or blinds, awnings create shade without adversely impacting the view or light provided by the windows.

Awnings have been popular throughout history for their cooling properties when placed on various structures. After the invention of air conditioning and its spread, window awnings became less popular for their functional purposes and only appreciated for their stylistic value. However, this trend is again reversing and awnings have become a great choice both for their intrinsic aesthetic appeal as well as their cooling properties.

Save money with a new window awning

If you are interested in installing a long-lasting permanent window awning on your home that will both save you money and add to the visual appeal, call Crescent City Copper today. They have a large selection of hand-made copper awnings to suit almost any style or budget.