Copper Cupolas Handmade in New Orleans

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Copper Cupolas Handmade in New Orleans

Copper Cupolas Handmade in New Orleans

Copper cupolas add value and beauty to the exterior of your home while also protecting it from heat and the elements.

Architects and designers agree that few additions to your home allow it to both function better and look better at the same time like the cupola!

Cupolas provide your attic with extra ventilation, which means lower energy costs for you. Unlike adding a fan or standard attic vent, though, cupolas also add beautiful ornamentation to the top of your home.

So, not only will you lower your energy bill, you’ll also be preserving your roof by letting air escape and protecting it from what the elements could do.

Historic Beauty

Copper cupolas have their origins all the way back in the Roman Empire. In Italian, cupola means “little cup.” If you see the type we carry, though, at over five feet tall, you’ll know there’s nothing little about them.

While most cupolas have traditionally been copper domes, today they come in a number of different forms.

Also, whereas in the past, cupolas have sat atop government buildings and important monuments, they are seeing a surge in popularity across neighborhoods all throughout the country.

The Best for Your Home

Along with looking great, copper is the best choice for cupolas because it’s such a durable metal. Plus, ours are handmade here in the US.

You’ll enjoy the beauty and tradition of your cupola for years to come.

The handmade, copper finish makes for an eye-catching look while adding some glamour and polish to your home.

Both a lookout and functional vent, the cupola is a multipurpose item perfect for homes of all sizes. They can even be used as a lantern!

While they were once found only on large buildings, you’ll see them popping up on roofs of homes across the country. Their popularity has increased as homeowners look for unique and functional ways to adorn their homes.

At Crescent City Copper, you’ll find regal, high-quality options for cupolas. As you can see above, our copper cupola features a lovely traditional style.

The tip of the cupola slopes down softly to create a seamless, polished cap. Beneath the cap, you’ll find the square base.

Each vent has been carefully installed for a smooth appearance. This piece is more than an adornment; it’s a fantastic work of art for your home’s exterior!

Our copper cupola with a dome is certainly a sight to behold. If you love stately pieces, then you’ll adore this cupola!

Handmade from copper, this piece features a pointed tip, which curves down into the real showstopper: the dome. Notice how the copper plays with the light, creating a softly textured finish.

The vents add to the cupola’s design while allowing light and air to easily move in and out. A fleur de lis design graces the lower portion of the cupola for a finished look that’s distinctly New Orleans.

We’re happy to manufacture any cupola to your specifications. Just let us know the size you’d like, and we’ll get started on your custom copper cupola.