Homeowners who want to add a special touch to their outdoor facade may consider buying a copper awning for their houses. Awnings have been used for years to add design and to provide shade for front porches, but copper awnings have several advantages over traditional fabric or wooden awnings.

For one thing, copper awnings last an incredibly long time. They are durable and they stand up to all types of weather conditions. They won’t need replacing or polishing and they can be custom-sized to whatever suits the home best. Copper awnings also offer a unique look. While the metal starts out as a shiny, brass color, it turns to a flecked, faded green as it ages, giving the home a bit more character than before.

Before selecting a copper awning for your home, though, there are several considerations you’ll need to take into account. For example, will the awning protect your home from rain? The straight answer is yes. Copper awnings are sure to keep the front of your house dry from rain and thunderstorms. What about protection from sun exposure? Again, yes. Copper awnings also provide shade from the sun, making them great places to sit under on a hot day.

What size awning should you get for your home? This largely depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. Generally, you want to buy an awning that is large enough to shade your front entrance, but you may want to buy one a little larger than that if you’re looking for an extended shade provider. Be careful not to buy an awning that overwhelms the look of your home.

What style of awning should you buy? Again, this depends on your personal taste and the look of your home as is. There are several architectural styles to choose from, including dome awnings, canopy awnings, standing seam awnings, wedge awnings, and textured awnings. The copper experts at Crescent City Copper manufacture all of these copper awning designs for residential use.