Residential Awnings Custom Built from Crescent City Copper

Are you ready to add the ultimate curb appeal to your home? Then look no further than residential copper awnings. Attached above a door or a window, copper awnings not only add a stylish look to your home, but protect your doors and windows from wind, rain, sun and even snow.

And best of all, they’re designed to last a lifetime, while looking even more aesthetically pleasing as the copper’s natural patina begins to form on the awning.

Why Choose Copper Awnings Over Other Materials?

It’s true. When it comes to choosing an awning for your home, you have many choices of materials, including canvas and aluminum. While these awning types may temporarily do their jobs, they aren’t built to last like copper is.

Canvas can fade in the sun, or get ripped by wind damage. And aluminum can rust over time. Both of these material types require replacements over the years, which create added home improvement costs for you. Copper, however, is built to last and is a stylish, lifelong investment in your home.

Prefabricated vs. Custom Copper Awnings

Here in our shop, we carry many attractive, prefabricated copper awnings for you to choose from. You can search our selection here.

Additionally, as fabricators ourselves, we work with homeowners throughout the United States to develop a look that is uniquely theirs and perfectly matches their home and the look that they desire.

With designers and skilled fabricators on our staff, we can deliver any copper awning design you would like for your home. And best yet – they’re all American made!

Dress Up Your Awnings with Wrought Iron Brackets

Many homeowners who choose copper awnings for their homes also choose to have them attached via wrought iron brackets.

Just as with our selection of prefabricated copper awnings, we have a variety of prefabricated wrought iron brackets to choose from.


Or, make it your own by working with our designers to create a custom bracket, which uniquely matches your home’s style. The choice is yours!

Stand Out in Your Neighborhood

Copper awnings truly add a statement to your home, and make your house stand out against your neighbors’ houses. If you want to be the best looking home on the block, you should consider accenting your home with copper awnings. Matching any home style, these awnings add a touch of style and class to any home.

Protect Your Doors and Windows

As the weather elements like wind, rain, and sun come, the integrity of your doors and windows decrease. Over time, they’ll even need to be replaced.

Having a copper awning installed, though, protects these elements of your home, lengthening the amount of time you can use them before replacing them.

Contact Us Today About Copper Awnings

If you’re curious about copper awnings, whether you want to know more about their functionality, have found a style you like in our online catalog, or have questions about customization, we want to help! Contact us today with any questions you have online or at (877) 251- 5327.