Styles of Copper Awnings

Copper awnings have been used for hundreds of years in both America and across the European continent due to their aesthetic appeal, durability, and the fact that they are also ecologically sound.

While originally a more traditional material used for classically styled homes, copper has evolved to fit every style and type of structure. Copper awnings now come in many styles to suit any home or office.

Here is just a sampling of the styles and types of copper awnings offered by Crescent City Copper:

Standing Seam Awnings

standing-seamOne of the simplest styles of copper awnings, the standing seam awning comes in several different slopes and can be fitted with any of our iron brackets to create a unique look. Additionally, standing seam awnings can be flat or have a sweeping profile. This is a very versatile style and looks great on the most modern homes as well as more traditional architectural styles.

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Canopy Awnings

canopyCanopy awnings have copper sides, unlike standing seam awnings. They are very aesthetically pleasing and a more traditional copper awning style.

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Wedge Awnings

tn150_wedge-awningWedge awnings, like canopy awnings, have copper sides, and can be either completely flat or have vertical seams as part of their hand-made construction. The seams can be large and obvious, or much more subtle.

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Dome Awnings

dome-awningDome awnings are an eye-catching style, as their rounded shape stands out over any door or window. Dome awnings can be simple rounded structures with smooth edges, or much more ornate, with detailed edges and separate sections.

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Textured Awnings

textureTextured copper awnings more closely imitate cloth, and as such have seams and edgings that are more styled and complex rather than simple lines.

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Copper Awnings Fully Customizable to Your Needs

If none of these are exactly what you are seeking, or if you need one of these popular styles to fit a larger door or window, you can always customize your own copper awning! At Crescent City Copper, all of our copper awnings are constructed by the hand of a skilled copper craftsman. This allows for fully customizable products that will satisfy even the most demanding customer’s needs.

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With our range of products and potential for individual customization, any copper awning from Crescent City is sure to be a great choice. Contact one of our sales representatives for more information at 1-877-251-5327 about any of these styles or for more information about our customizable copper awnings.