If you’ve never heard of copper roofing, you’re not alone. In many places, the idea of placing a copper roof on a residential home is unusual. However, copper roofing is becoming more popular in real estate and neighborhood construction due to the material’s many advantages over other traditional types of roofing materials. With careful maintenance and upkeep, a homeowner who installs a copper roof can expect his roof to last for years. Copper roofing is initially an expensive purchase, but the cost pays off over the life of the home as homeowners save on other maintenance costs.

There are several reasons why you might consider using copper on your home’s roof: 1. Copper is extremely durable. Many new homes are built with lower-quality materials than used in the past. This trend has its drawbacks as more newly built homes have had to undergo roof repair work and even replacement. On the other hand, copper is a long-lasting material and holds up well under extreme conditions that may adversely affect other materials. Some copper roofs have lasted for hundreds of years.

2. A copper roof is an environmentally-friendly investment. Many copper roofs are comprised of 75 percent recycled copper. Rather than using shingles and tar, which may give off unhealthy chemical fumes over time, homeowners can place a copper roof on their homes with the confidence that the natural metal will not damage the air around them.

3. Copper is resistant to harsh weather conditions. In the American west where dry summers result in wildfires, homes with copper roofs often withstand the fire threat since copper is not flammable. In the Northeast and MidWest where heavy winter snows are common, copper roofs are a great time saver since the snow naturally falls off the roof instead of having to be removed.

4. Animals can’t eat your copper roof. Traditional wooden roofs are susceptible to all types of wild critters such as raccoons, squirrels, and especially termites. The copper surface isn’t too appetizing to animals, though, helping homeowners avoid dealing with these pests.

5. A copper roof adds unique beauty to a home’s exterior. Adornments such as copper roofs, copper cupolas, copper chimney caps, copper awnings, and copper weathervanes are simple ways to create a distinctive look. These and other copper decorations are available from Crescent City Copper.