Styles of wrought iron awning bracket & copper awnings that use them

One of the best things about copper awnings is the variety of styles and shapes that are available. Many copper awnings can also incorporate wrought iron brackets that come in several styles, making each awning truly a work of art.

Permanent Awnings We Carry With Iron Brackets

Crescent City Copper carries the following styles of awnings that come standard with your choice of iron bracket:

Styles of Iron Brackets for Copper Awnings:

Styles of Iron Brackets for Copper Awnings:

Simple design brackets

Do you prefer a minimalist look, with clean lines and angles? If this is the case, or if your home is more extensively decorated and you want the awnings and brackets to be simple as a complement to the complex architecture, you may want to go with one of these bracket styles:

  • Rosetta Bracket: Alone, this bracket looks like a right triangle with two plain pieces of iron that are placed along the side of the house and the top of the awning and a hypotenuse that is more stylized and visible from the position of a passerby
  • Spear Bracket: the simplest bracket style, a long, thin, linear piece of iron with a spear-liked tip that is visible at the edge of the awning
  • S-shaped Bracket: More complex than the other two, this is still one of the simpler designs because although curved, it is still a single piece of wrought iron shaped into an “S”

More detailed & ornate brackets

Perhaps you prefer something more ornate, or you would like to emulate the wrought iron found on other exterior facets of your home such as a gate or fence. In this case, you may be interested in one of the bracket styles that incorporate a more intricate iron work, including these options:

  • Scroll: The scroll has an elongated S shape embellished with additional curling pieces of iron and compliments awnings with a slight sweep by adding another element to their simple design
  • Blacksmith: One large curled piece with a smaller one facing in the opposite direction, the Blacksmith bracket offers a balance between complexity and simplicity and looks great with arched awnings
  • French Quarter: The most complex ironwork of any bracket style, the French Quarter brackets emulate the architectural style found in this area of New Orleans. This style of ironwork looks good on gates, grates, and fencing, easily allowing you to tie this bracket into the overall appearance of the structure.

Choosing a bracket style

Whatever style of bracket you choose for your copper awning, it’s almost impossible to go wrong. The timeless look of copper and iron has been a staple in elegant structures for centuries.

Get help choosing a bracket to go with your awning

Choosing the best bracket style for your copper awnings doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Call one of our helpful design associates at Crescent City Copper today with any questions or to place an order today. They will ensure that you have beautiful and well-crafted window awnings that reflect your taste and style while enhancing the appearance of your home or business.