Metal Awnings Manufactured from All Natural Copper

Long Lasting & Eco-Friendly Metal Awnings for Your Home or Business

Metal awnings are the most popular choice of awning material for today’s home and business owners. While cloth and wood awnings are more susceptible to the elements, metal awnings can withstand wind without tearing, rain without getting soaked, and the sun without fading.

Additionally, they add a touch of class and curb appeal to your home or business that cloth and wood awnings simply can’t match.

Reasons to Choose Metal Awnings

There are a variety of reasons that you should choose metal awnings for your home or business, including:

  • Awnings protect you, your family, your employees and your clients from stepping out into rain, snow or ice storms without first getting the chance to grab their umbrella
  • Awnings over windows can help shade the interior of your home or business from the hot summer sun
  • Metal awnings are more durable than their cloth and wood alternatives
  • Metal is a more aesthetically appealing choice for awnings
  • Metal awnings are a longer lasting solution to cloth and wood awnings providing you with a great, long term investment

As sheet metal manufacturers, we are able to custom fabricate any awning you want in:


Considered the best choice for metal awnings, copper awnings are a durable material that are long lasting and worthy of your investment. Available in a variety of styles, they complement any home or business.

Iron and Steel

A beautiful choice for any structure, home and business owners considering iron and steel metal awnings should know that these materials are heavy and hard to work with. Therefore, they are on the higher end of price ranges for metal awnings, but they do look fantastic!


While aluminum awnings are the most affordable metal awning choice, aluminum is a softer material. That means that out of the three metal awning metal choices – copper, iron and steel, and aluminum – they are the most likely to get damaged and require repairs or replacements.

Customization is Our Middle Name

We specialize in customizing metal awnings for clients throughout the United States. Our products are always handcrafted by American workers, and by coordinating with our designers we can create virtually any type or size of metal awning for you.


Our goal is to deliver you with a product you’ll love and cherish for years to come.

Found something else you like?

Sometimes, you see a photograph of something and you know you want it. As a custom metal fabrication shop, there’s a good chance we can build any type of metal awning you might see on the internet.

Send us a picture, and we’ll make it real!

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