Permanent Metal Awnings Make the Most Sense for Your Home or Business

From Crescent City Copper

If you’re looking for a long term solution to protect you, your family, your employees or your customers from the wind, rain and sun, then we’ve got the products for you.

Permanent copper or aluminum awnings not only look great on your home or business, but they are built to last.

With these benefits, why would you choose anything else?


What Makes an Awning “Permanent?”

A “permanent” awning doesn’t mean it’ll last forever and a day, though with proper care it will last for years and even decades.

Instead, in the world of awnings, “permanent” means that the awning doesn’t roll up or is retractable. It is permanently “fixed” to your home or business and either mounted via brackets or directly to your external wall.

As it stays in its stately position, it is virtually unchanged by the weather’s conditions unlike fabric awnings, which can rip in the wind, get soaking wet and drip on your guests in the rain, or fade in the bright summer sun.

Permanent Awning Metal Choices – Aluminum or Copper?

When you choose a permanent awning you usually have two metal options: aluminum or copper. When it comes to permanent awnings, the most common material used is aluminum.

This more affordable metal allows home and business owners to install a permanent awning on their facility at a lower price point than the more splendid copper awnings. In fact, if you have a metal carport, its awning is likely made of aluminum, which are built so that water runs right off them and into a gutter system.

However, less expensive options always have their shortfalls, and the same is true with permanent aluminum awnings.

First, as a softer metal they can be easily damaged, leading to higher maintenance costs to keep your awning looking fresh and new. Second, they generally lack the curb appeal that home and business owners are looking for to draw eyes to their buildings.

Copper awnings, however, fill the void that aluminum awnings bring.

A stronger metal, they aren’t easily damaged by the elements. While they look great with any building, copper awnings are an especially nice “extra touch” on historic buildings, high-end residential buildings and commercial construction.

Coming in various shapes, sizes and styles, permanent copper awnings give your building a great, architectural feature, as they naturally change color over time due to patina.

Reasons to Make the Investment in Permanent Awnings

While it’s true that permanent awnings cost more than their fabric alternatives, there are several reasons to choose them. These include the fact that permanent awnings:

  • Are a long lasting solution that won’t tear in the wind, fade in the sun or get soaking wet in the rain.
  • Are a great way to add curb appeal and value to your property.
  • Require less maintenance and replacement over time.

Customize Your Permanent Awning for the Perfect Look and Feel

While we carry top-of-the-line permanent copper and aluminum awnings for your home or business, what we really specialize in is customization.

At Crescent City Copper, all of our custom-made permanent awnings are American-made, giving you that extra satisfaction of knowing that your product was handcrafted by artisans right here in New Orleans.

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