Popular cafe awning styles

Comparing pros and cons of fabric and metal

The great part about visiting a café is that each has its own style and design which makes it a bit unique.  For café owners, this means choosing décor that sets the appropriate flair.  And when it comes to setting the mood, a clever choice in a café awning is critical.

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Benefits of café awnings

tn_600 series awningIt seems the first factor in making a choice involves capturing the proper look and feel, and a window awning is an essential part of the architecture of your building. The whole notion of a café is European-inspired, and there is perhaps no better way to capture European flair than with a custom awning. This is especially true of metal awnings such as those made from copper which incorporate natural materials and architectural elements such as raised seams and wrought iron brackets.

Café awnings have qualities that make them energy efficient and can help protect your café doors and windows from the elements. In addition your customers will be protected from the rain when entering and exiting your business.

For example, if your café is facing the sun at any time of the day your customers and staff may have to fight the glare of the sun. If you add an awning over the door or windows you may have less to worry about than simply counting on blinds to keep your customers comfortable when dealing with the glare of the sun.

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Popular styles of cafe’ awnings

The most popular style of awning is the Café dome or dome style, which have a semi-circular shape that enhances the design and structure any cafe while offering the best in sun protection. This unique design is a very low maintenance, extremely easy to clean, and environmentally safe.

Fabric café awnings remain popular in part because the selections of fabric are quite versatile, with options ranging from classic solid colors, stripes, and prints. You can select the best design to fit your cafés décor and even add the name of your café if you so choose. In recent years fabric café awnings have become more durable and long lasting including improved resistance to water consumption.

However, fabric is not a permanent material and will eventually need to be replaced, which is ultimately why we recommend a more permanent awning solution.

Why metal makes a great café awning

Metal café awnings from iron and especially copper are becoming increasingly popular because of their “designer” look and feel. Many architects choose metal awnings as a compliment to the European roots of the café style of design – as the metal offers a more timeless and classic look.

Simply put – metal structured awnings stand out from the crowd. The structure and design that copper café awnings have will change the entire entrance by giving it a sleek and unique look that can be either historic or contemporary looking depending on your needs. The craftsmanship of a metal copper style awning will provide your cafe a lifetime of protection from the elements.

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