Comparing Awning Prices

Today, more than ever, the price of home décor is driving the purchasing decisions of many homeowners. And when choosing protection for your windows and doors, the price of awnings is no exception.

Balancing Awning Price with Value

Awnings are a part of home décor that may be tempting to trade price for value. On the low end of the price range you have less expensive materials such as fabric that may get damaged or need to be replaced on a regular basis.

On the other hand you have choices in permanent awnings such as copper which may be more expensive up-front but provide long lasting value and low maintenance costs. So let’s go over the prices of these awnings, and we’ll also look at the harder to gauge price of upkeep.

Awning Price Snapshots

  • Copper Awnings: These are often considered the best type to get because they’re beautiful, last virtually forever and accent just about any building well, particularly if it’s brick. They come in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from modern, to old style.Copper awnings generally start in the price range of $300 – $600 depending on the size and style you are considering. However, because they are so durable you can expect these awnings to last upwards of 20-30 years – and if you spread the cost over these extra years of usage they become even more affordable.

    Upkeep: Copper is a natural material, and when left exposed to the elements it develops a patina over time. The patina changes color as it ages from shiny brown to light green and eventually a green-blue color. This patina is a natural process and does not require any maintenance, buffing or painting. However if you want to polish your awning an inexpensive bottle of cleaner or even vinegar and hot water will normally do the job.

  • Fabric Awnings: It seems like fabric awnings would be less expensive because fabric costs less than metal. However, you should know that the actual frame of the awning may likely cost a lot more than the fabric itself, and you may end up paying well over a thousand dollars up front.Upkeep: The good news is there is little maintenance for fabric awnings. The bad news is that they tend to look pretty bad after a few years of use and most likely will need to be replaced.
  • Aluminum Awnings: Aluminum awnings will vary widely in price depending on the application. Basic window awnings may cost as little as $200 but larger awnings may cost quite a bit more money. Generally speaking they are very durable and will give you years of service so the higher cost can be spread over time.Upkeep: Other than an accidental bump or dent, all you’ll need to take care of these is some waterproofing solution to make sure that they don’t rust and the cost for these materials varies. Aside from that you will have to occasionally paint it, which shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

Awning prices – make a good decision

So even though we are often tempted to take the lower up-front cost when purchasing just about any item, the same rule applies to awnings as it does to anything else – you get what you pay for!

We believe that the long term value of metal awnings such as those made from copper will far outweigh less expensive options both in terms of total cost and longevity. And when you look at the cost of awnings, add in the fact that copper awnings are considered an “architectural” element and you get even more bang for your buck!

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Article by Andre’ Savoie