Copper Cupolas

Looking for a way to lower energy costs by venting your attic but just can’t stand the look of a standard attic vent or fan?  Check out our guide to copper cupolas and find out how to combine style and function.

What is a cupola?

cupolasCopper cupolas add a stylish and polished appearance to any rooftop. These classic structures will make your building stand out, as they can complement any architectural style. Cooper cupolas also serve an important function as attic ventilation which can help reduce energy costs, which helps everyone in today’s economy.

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Classic Origins

Copper cupolas date back to the Roman Empire. Cupola means “little cup” in Italian. Many people envision dome-like rooftops when they think of copper cupolas. Those domes are only one variety. Although cupolas have traditionally been used in the United States to adorn important government buildings and monuments, smaller cupolas are gaining in popularity as stylish and classy adornments to residential and business rooftops.

Ironically the copper cupolas found on most homes are not “little cups” anymore – our standard size is over 5’ tall! We recommend considering cupolas for main buildings as well as garages or sheds.

Lower your attic temperatures

Copper cupolas serve an important function in lowering energy costs by providing improved attic ventilation. Ventilated, louvered rooftop cupolas allow wind to pass through them and let hot air escape from roofs and attics. This not only helps lower your energy usage but also helps preserve your roof by letting the air escape and by protecting it from the elements.

Cupolas made from copper will outlast those made from other materials, and they will add a classic and stately look to your home that will only improve as the copper ages and takes on that antique look.

A stylish take on the standard “attic fan”

Most people choose a cupola because they are looking for something a little more stylish than the standard attic fan or “whirly bird” as they are called. The most common cupolas are four-sided, but they can come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

You can top off your cupola with a distinct weathervane or a more subtle finial in order to create a truly unique and fashionable roof. Consider creating a durable polished look by matching your copper cupola with copper awnings or gutters.

Make a Statement with Copper Cupolas

Copper cupolas are a superior investment because they add value and beauty to the exterior of your home while also protecting your home from heat and the elements. Crescent City Copper will work to custom fit the cupola size you need. We’ll also help you match just the right accompanying copper accessories to create the look that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

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