Copper Dryer Vents By Crescent City Copper

Copper Dryer Vents

A dryer vent is an essential part of any home that uses a clothes dryer – and it’s not just meant to catch lint!

These simple architectural features expel hot air from your dryer while using a damper or flapper to keep unwanted elements & hot outside air out of your home. Dryer vents, whether they are copper dryer vents, or made from stainless steel, allow for proper venting of moist & hot air from your dryer and improve its operational efficiency while lowering your energy bill. Plus, they serve an important safety function – they greatly reduce the risk of a fire caused by your dryer overheating.

Dryer exhaust vents are made from a variety of materials, from heavy-duty plastic to stainless steel, and aluminum. Copper dryer vents take these architectural air vents a step further. They offer the advantages of improved durability and an attractive look that enhances the appearance of your home. Adding a high-quality copper dryer vent from Crescent City Copper to your home is the perfect combination of function and beauty.

No Settling for an Ugly Dryer Exhaust Vent!

Copper has been incorporated into all types of buildings and homes for hundreds of years because of its appealing appearance, extreme durability, and added character overtime. Initially, copper building elements have a shiny reddish sheen and color that provides a pop of beauty to your home or your building’s exterior.

Overtime, copper develops what’s called a patina, which is an aged green or brown coating caused by oxidation and weatherizing. The patina coating adds character and only grows more beautiful with age. With a copper dryer vent installed on your home or building, its attractiveness grows over the years without rusting or losing a hint of its extreme durability. Copper dryer vents truly stand the test of unforgiving weather and time – especially in areas of high humidity.

A Durable and Long-Lasting Choice!

Along with their eye-catching nature that becomes more beautiful over the years, copper dryer vents are highly functional and durable, which makes them a great investment for years of use. Copper vents will not crack like plastic dryer vents and will not rust like aluminum exhaust vent options and will maintain proper ventilation and airflow without a lot of maintenance. Additionally, while dryer vents are primarily used to provide ventilation for household dryers, they have other functions, too.

For example, consider linking multiple dryer vents to kitchen or bathroom fans through a connector for added airflow & appliance efficiency throughout your home when needed. Venting is most often performed through a wall vent, but it’s becoming more common to configure ventilation through a roof vent as well.

With any home project involving safe & proper airflow ventilation, be sure to consult a qualified HVAC specialist or contractor when installing your copper dryer vent or venting system. We’re happy to help connect you with a qualified installer as well!

Which Copper Dryer Vent is the Best Choice for My Home?

Depending on your home’s construction, you may need either a flush-mount dryer vent or a stucco mount dryer vent. Crescent City Copper dryer vents are available in two primary models, and both copper dryer vents are among our best sellers.

Slope Dryer Vents

Copper slope dryer vents have straight lines, creating a clean slope and an overall modern appearance. This heavy-duty style complements almost every architectural because of its useful versatility.

Sweep Dryer Vents

Copper sweep dryer vents have a curve to their slope and visible seams to create a more intricate and elaborate design. These options are especially attractive when installed on Victorian style architecture, which also features intricate embellishments.

We Customize Copper Dryer Vents!

At Crescent City Copper, we have a variety of prefabricated copper dryer vent models made from durable 16 ounce copper that work for the majority of our customers’ projects. But we can also customize a solution for you! Our skilled coppersmiths and sheet metal fabricators can take the details of your project and your vision and create a custom, low-profile dryer vent, as a wall vent, or other style of dryer vent, that you need for your project. All you have to do is reach out to us!

We also carry and create a variety of copper roof vents, kitchen vents, plumbing stack vents, roof vent caps, copper louvers or flappers for dryer vent covers, and related products!

Dryer vent covers allow the hot, humid air from your clothes dryer to exit your home and keep it cool and dry. Unlike hooded dryer vent covers, however, louvered, or flapper, dryer vent covers also keep animals, pests, and other outside elements from invading your home.

We’ll Help You Find or Create a Copper Dryer Vent That Works For You!

Regardless of your home or building’s architectural style, we’ll help you find a copper dryer vent that is functional, highly durable, and enhances your home or building’s appearance for years.

Shop our dryer vents, exhaust vents, and other copper airflow vents, view our product galleries, and reach out to us for help in creating a custom copper piece! Give us a call at 877-251-5327 or email us at