Copper Rain Gutters

Are you considering adding copper rain gutters to your home or business? Crescent City Copper custom builds our copper gutters by hand to your exact specifications. You can even dress them up with our custom leader heads.


The Case for Copper Gutters

If you live in an area where it rains – which is virtually everywhere – then you need rain gutters to divert runoff from your roof. While some people choose do-it- yourself aluminum rain gutters purchased from a hardware store, their initial low cost and self-install capabilities may actually lead to more costs down the road, as they are not built to last a long time.

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Copper rain gutters, however, are designed to have a long life and add an architectural feature and sense of elegance to your home.

Why is Copper Such a Great Choice for Rain Gutters?

Rainfall puts a lot of stress on aluminum gutters, meaning that they need to be frequently replaced – especially if you live in an area that gets heavy rainfall. Copper, however, is a stronger material that isn’t subject to excessive wear and tear. That, combined with the aesthetic value of copper rain gutters, makes them an excellent investment for your home.

Aren’t Copper Rain Gutters More Expensive?

It’s true that copper rain gutters initially cost more than the do-it- yourself aluminum solutions you can buy from your local hardware store. And, they need to be professionally installed.

However, consider this. If you are able to purchase a solution for catching rain that is more durable, lasts longer and adds curb appeal to your home, isn’t it worth the investment?

That’s exactly what copper rain gutters do. They last longer so that you have fewer replacement costs over the life of your home, and they add value to your home. Function and added value? It’s a win-win!

More Beautiful Leader Heads and Conductor Heads

Every rain gutter system has a leader head or a conductor head, which is connected to the downspout that moves water away from your roof and building. Aluminum leader heads are ordinary and plain.

Copper ones, however, come in geometric shapes that add to the beauty of your home, again providing both function and form.

View copper leader heads here:

Copper Rain Gutters Require Less Maintenance

All rain gutters require the occasional maintenance of debris removal. But aluminum ones need to be periodically painted and sealed to maintain a fresh appearance.

Copper rain gutters, however, don’t need these additional treatments. And while aged copper will naturally turn green overtime, many people prefer this look.

If you want them to maintain their original copper color, then occasional cleaning can keep this new-looking appearance.

Choose Crescent City Copper for Our Unique Experience

We are uniquely experienced with installing and fabricating copper products on homes and businesses.

When you choose to partner with us, you can rest assured that we will work diligently to provide you with the copper solution that will provide functionality and aesthetics to your property. For more information, contact us online or give us a call at 1-877- 251-5327.