Copper Louvers

a-frameLouvers were originally used in kitchens during the Middle Ages to allow hot air to escape while the kitchen was in use without allowing rain or other elements to enter.

Today, copper louvers are commonly found on walls and roofs where they serve the same fundamental purpose: to let air in while keeping unwanted rain and snow out.

Roof Louvers

Copper roof louvers offer a great way to ventilate attic space without adding to your electricity or heating bill. Like almost all copper fixtures, these beautiful structures are both attractive and practical, as copper is a durable and green material that adds a timeless appeal to any structure.

Roof louvers are usually either triangular or domed, depending on customer preference and the architectural style of the structure to which they are added. They are angled so that they can be installed where the roof is sloped.

Wall Louvers

These louvers also allow ventilation to take place, but are placed flush with a wall of the home or office where they are installed. Wall louvers can also be installed so that they are connected to a duct in the home to allow the heat from that duct an easy route to the outside of the home.

These come in a greater variety of styles including:

  • Rectangular
  • Octagonal
  • Tombstone-shaped
  • Circular or round
  • Right triangular

Advantages to copper louvers

octagonalWhile there are many different louvers on the market for both roofs and walls, copper louvers offer distinct advantages over ones constructed from any other material.

  • Copper is environmentally friendly. One of the most recyclable and recycled metals, copper last longer than most other metals and can be 100% recycled.
  • Copper ages well. The patina that forms as copper is exposed to the elements gives it a unique and timeless appearance. For those who prefer copper to be shiny, it is easy to polish so that it appears new for as long as you desire.

Practical and visually appealing, installing copper louvers on your home is an easy way to make a timelessly elegant statement. Copper fixtures need little maintenance and will last for decades, making this a home improvement that will add to the appeal of your home permanently.

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