Door awnings are a seemingly simple and straightforward item. They extend the doorway whether for a home or business. That extension serves a number of purposes:

  • Cover the entrance
  • Protect arriving or departing individuals from the elements
  • Shade the interior
  • Break steep winds
  • Add curb appeal to the entry

Features to Look For:

  • Durability for the area you live in – ability to withstand rain and wind in warmer areas as well as snow and ice in warmer areas
  • Sides for additional protection from the elements
  • Color palette to accent your home
  • Various widths to accommodate your entrances
  • Ability to custom design an awning as needed
  • Handmade products as they tend to be better quality than machine made products

Popular Materials

Door awnings are made from the same selection of materials as other types of awnings or canopies.The most common are acrylic, polyester, cotton or canvas. Door awnings, however, can also be made from wood, Lexan, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic and sometimes layers of different materials.

While many of these materials can add to the appearance of the entry way, the primary goal is utilitarian. They are there to protect the entrance.

Why Consider Copper?

You can also provide exceptional entry protection and an architecturally attractive awning at the same time through the use of copper. Copper has been used for awnings for centuries and you can still find copper awnings in Europe that are 300 years old and older. They retain their appeal and beauty throughout the years.

Copper is not only attractive but cost-effective and long lasting.Since it is so long lasting, it is the perfect “green” product.

You won’t be replacing your custom copper awning any time soon. Copper forms a natural protective patina when exposed to the elements. The look is eye catching and the patina coat protects the underlying metal surface.

If you have any reason to dress up the entryway to your home or business, copper is the choice for a custom door awning.

If you would like to know more about the beauty and serviceability of custom copper awnings, contact Crescent City Copper at 877-251-5327.