Gutters and downspouts are critical to the maintenance of any home or business. Instead of having rain water fall down the sides of the structure, the gutters trap the water and the downspouts guide the water away from the building. Thanks to these basic components, buildings are protected from water damage, which could otherwise seep into the walls and through the windows.

Gutters can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic or metal. However, the ideal material is copper. Copper has many wonderful qualities, as it’s both aesthetically pleasing and durable in quality. Copper downspouts will need to be cared for just as any other type of gutter and downspout system, ensuring that the gutters are free from leaves, branches and other debris. But you can expect that the copper will stand up to the test of time, while turning your gutters into something architecturally pleasing.

Copper gutters and downspouts are sold through such companies as Crescent City Copper and will increase the value of a home. Although copper gutters are more expensive on the front-end of the purchase, there is a greater return on the investment. Not to mention, they give a home or business an additional boost. Copper also weathers well and will turn colors as it forms a patina. But this is what makes copper so unique and interesting.

In fact, each year, the gutter system will acquire a new level of patina, so you never know which color you may see from year to year. You can expect your home to be the envy of the neighborhood, and all you’ll have to do is stand proud as the copper requires no additional maintenance. Copper offers the additional benefit of being corrosion resistant, even if you live in an area that receives a lot of acid rain. If you do choose to restore the color of the copper, you can remove the patina. Simply strip and re-seal the copper from time-to-time to make this happen. And, since copper looks great with all types of roof materials, you can expect your entire home to come together in harmony.