Remodel with copper and celebrate Earth Day every day!


Remodeling with copper is a great way to improve the value of your home, and using sustainable natural materials like copper has never made more sense.

In today’s economy many people are concerned about the current state of the real estate market and what it may mean for their own property value.

Rather than seeing this as a negative situation, the team here at Crescent City wants to offer a different way of approaching a slower market: making the most out of this situation by improving your homes appearance and adding to its value with new copper fixtures!

Make Every Day an “Earth Day”

April 22, 2010 marked the fourth anniversary of earth day, but here at Crescent City we celebrate earth day every day of the year! Our products are improving the environment, one home or office at a time.

Here are some examples of the way that Crescent City Copper makes a difference in the environment as a normal part of our business:

  • Copper vents aerate indoor spaces and help to regulate the interior temperature of the buildings where they are installed. Using copper vents is a way to lower energy consumption while preserving the comfort of your home.
  • Copper rain chains are an attractive way to collect rainwater for use watering plants or even drinking, if properly sterilized and stored in copper pots
  • And of course, copper itself is a green product. Copper is almost 100% recyclable and naturally durable. Homeowners who add fixtures such as copper awnings to their homes avoid the wasteful replacement of awnings made from other materials while supporting the use of recyclable building materials.

Go Green – Choose Copper!

When it comes to being green, Crescent City knows that it takes more than one day a year to make a real difference. That’s why our products are a great choice every day!

  • Copper fixtures are a lasting investment in your home. The durability of copper is means that the improvements you make today will be both beautiful and valuable down the road.
  • Not only will copper fixtures such as awnings, vents, and gutters add to the overall value of your home, they will also be something that you can enjoy right now. A simple and easy facelift for your home will renew your enthusiasm for your home.

Shop Natural Copper Products Today

So instead of becoming frustrated with things that you cannot control, take this time to make the best of your current situation. Make real, valuable improvements to your home with copper products such as lanterns, light fixtures, and chimney toppers from Crescent City Copper.