Restaurant Awnings

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Adding an awning to your restaurant is a great way to draw more customers by giving your business a bit of a unique look and feel. An aesthetically pleasing restaurant awning is not only a welcome break from the sun’s harsh rays or winter’s icy breezes, but a quality awning captures diners’ attentions and makes your restaurant stand out among its competition.

Yet, to the unfamiliar, the many choices involved may seem somewhat daunting. If you wish to invest in an awning for your restaurant but aren’t quite sure where to begin, here are a few tips to help you choose.

If you are looking for a restaurant awning but not quite sure which size or style to choose – please contact us and one of our helpful associates will be happy to help you understand your options!

A Few of the Most Popular Restaurant Awnings We Carry

Crescent City Copper carries the following styles of restaurant awnings that come standard with your choice of iron bracket:

Factors in choosing a restaurant awning

Restaurant awning designs can’t be neatly categorized, but there are a few general ways in which they can be grouped. All of these are factors to take into account when selecting the best awning.

  • Awning assemblies differ based on their complexity and how they are affixed to buildings, factors that contribute to their stability in various weather conditions.
  • Awning material is another broad categorization. Also, as a business owner, you are more affected by zoning considerations that may stipulate dimension limitations, as well as material and aesthetic requirements.

Awning assemblies

Awning assemblies used in restaurants differ widely. Some are simply a canopy resting atop a portable but simple frame. Still others anchor themselves into the building’s facade, requiring more installation expertise, but gaining remarkable stability. Frame designs are difficult to summarize, and much will depend on your specific requirements when determining the best frame design for your restaurant.

Popular restaurant awning materials

Awning material is another important consideration, from which there are many types and designs to choose. Your material and design should complement your restaurant, as your awning is one of several opportunities you have to make a good first impression. To this end, there are many designs from which to choose, and custom orders are often available, made to suit the aesthetic of whatever atmosphere you wish to portray.

  • Fabric is perhaps the most common restaurant awning material, with canvas, vinyl, and acrylics being most widely used. As they will be constantly exposed to the elements, awning fabrics should be water and UV resistant. Awning fabrics are typically multi-layered to help them stand up to even further weathering. When selecting a fabric awning, pay attention to the quality of stitches holding the layers together, ensuring that double rows of high-quality thread are used.
  • Metal is another popular restaurant awning material, with aluminum and copper being heavily used. Metal awnings are perhaps the best choice for a restaurant or other business for a number of reasons including style and durability.

Why we like metal awnings for restaurants:

  • They are more rugged, and can easily stand up to much heavier strains than can fabric awnings.
  • Metal awnings also don’t billow in the wind, thus distracting diners from enjoying conversation or live music.
  • They last longer, thus ensuring the best use of the investment in your business.
  • Metal in general and copper in particular is a great way to achieve a sophisticated motif that will help make a great first impression and keep drawing customers back. Whether your aim is an ultra-modern look, or something with a more rustic and antiquated motif, copper awnings are among the best option for your restaurant.

No matter what type of restaurant or restaurant you have – outdoors, indoors, seaside or mountainside – a well designed and durable restaurant awning is a great addition.

Shop Restaurant Awnings with Crescent City Copper

Crescent City Copper is a custom sheet metal fabricator and offers copper awnings suitable for restaurant use in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. We also gladly accept custom work and help create the awning that perfectly suits your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Article by: Andre’ Savoie