Installing a quality commercial copper awning on your company building is an instant way to add curb appeal for your customers, clients or visitors. The look of these unique products provides a sense of permanency, a sensation impossible to create with canvas awnings. An eye-catching, environmentally friendly awning will provide the ultimate protection from rain and sun.

Based on the design, you can display an individual company style that will blend in well with the exterior of the existing building, especially the windows and doors. You could also consider accentuating the awning with:

  • chimney caps
  • cupolas
  • finials
  • gutters
  • weathervanes

Naturally Developed Patina

Developing its own enriching patina over time, copper will naturally protect itself from wear, damage or corrosion. The natural copper oxidization of blacks and browns delicately mesh into blues and greens to display a beautiful mosaic of colors enhancing the look of your company’s awnings. Additionally, awnings fabricated out of copper have an extended life, especially when compared to other materials including canvas or tile.

With a variety of different styles, secured in place by numerous bracket options, your company building awnings can have a distinctive look all their own. With flush mounts, bracket mounts, and hanging awnings, there is a wide range of available support options to create a style unique to your company structure.

Eco-Friendly Considerations

Making the choice of using durable copper metal products makes a public statement that your company has gone “Green”. Copper is 100% recyclable and is durable to last for decades with little or no maintenance involved. Installing an awning over every window can dramatically reduce your energy consumption during hot summer months. Quality copper installation of awnings and other adornments can add significant value to your commercial structure.

At Crescent City Copper, we offer a full line of copper awning styles to meet any business need. Check out all of our available copper products in our online catalog.