Whether you are decorating inside your home, or looking to add some fun and functional elements to your outdoor living spaces, there’s no better material that adds attention and a touch of class to your home than copper.

This reddish-orange metal has been enjoying increased popularity in the home decorating scene, and for good reason. It’s durable, it goes with everything, and you can find copper elements for your home in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, making it the perfect decorative element for you to use.

Keep reading to learn four easy tips to bring copper elements into your home.

1) Say “Yes!” to Copper Lighting Fixtures

If you want to make a big change in a room without too much investment or elbow grease, consider upgrading your lighting fixtures. Copper lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles, from industrial to classic and more. And changing a lighting fixtures is a great way to get a big bang for your buck.

Copper lighting fixtures can change up the look of your space, without you needing to upgrade more expensive pieces like furniture.

So go ahead – put a copper chandelier in your dining room, and copper pendant lights above your counter and let this metal speak boldly for itself!

2) Dress Up Your Walls with this Hot Metal

Nothing can be as boring as empty wall space. Alternatively, you may be unhappy with the current color of your walls, but not ready to make the lengthy time commitment of painting. Who does? Copper wall art, however, is a great option to spice up the walls of any room in your home.

Copper wall art is bold, brilliant and has a huge “wow” factor to it. Our advice is to start small, and always work in odds. Find small, sculptural copper pieces in shapes like the sun, moon or stars, and decorating with three or five pieces, because odd is always more appealing to the eye.

If you’re ready to go big and embrace the flare that copper brings, you may want to add additional accent pieces in your room, such as copper candle bases on a table to create a balanced look.

3) Getting an Amazing Contrast with Copper and Pastels

They might not be your first choice for a color combination, but trust us, copper and pastels look great together! Pastels are typically subdued colors, but they really come alive when you pair them with copper.

Pair pastel candles with copper candelabras, hang copper wall art on pastel walls or a copper lighting fixture in a room with pastel furniture or walls. Your space will immediately look ultra-chic and as if it was professionally designed.

4) Live it up with Copper in Your Backyard

When it comes to decorating, don’t forget your outdoor spaces! Accent your backyard with a copper fire pit. When the weather’s just right, there’s nothing as relaxing as gathering around a fire pit with your family and friends, and this is one piece that may look even more fetching when it isn’t being used.

A copper fire pit is a desirable way to liven up your outdoor space without investing in expensive landscaping updates.

If you have a walkway or deck in your backyard, what better way to illuminate them than with copper torches? Torches, such as copper oil lamps, are a more sophisticated, stylish version of the tiki torches you can find at big box stores, and they add a level of class to your outdoor space. Plus, they light up the way to wherever you want to go in your backyard.

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