If you’ve already got your heart set on copper awnings for your home or business, you may think that your window accent design choices are done. Oh, but they’re just beginning!

Even after you browse through our array of selection of pre-fabricated copper awnings, or work with our designers to create a custom look all your own, your next step is to select the brackets which will hold your awnings in place.

When it comes to choosing the look and style that your copper awnings will bring to your home or business, brackets really do set the tone for your window coverings.

Some are more traditional, others are more classic. Some are fancy, some are whimsical. The best part is that you get to choose how your copper awnings will attach to your home or business, and ultimately what type of statement they will make.

Below is a bit about our most popular copper awning bracket choices:

  • The Blacksmith Bracket

With one wide curve and one smaller one, when you see this bracket you can almost envision seeing it formed and inflamed in the blacksmith’s fire!

  • The French Quarter Bracket

If you have a love of all things New Orleans, you may want to consider the French Quarter bracket. With a series of intricate curves, you can bring the land of Mardi Gras to your home or business wherever you’re located in the United States!

  • The Spear Bracket

A traditional look, the spear bracket looks exactly how it sounds – like a spear that pierces through your structure to hold your copper awning in place.

  • The Rosetta Bracket

An “L” shaped bracket meets a spear bracket in this intricate, geometric shaped design.

  • The S-Type Bracket

Shouting out traditional, the S-type bracket adds a touch of class and elegance to any copper awning.

  • The Scroll Bracket

With a whimsical look and feel, the scroll bracket adds a touch of fun to your building’s Exterior.

Make Your Own Statement with a Custom Bracket

If you’re working with our designers to create a custom copper awning, why choose a standard, pre-fabricated bracket? By communicating your wants and needs, along with your style preferences and desired look and feel, our designers can conjure up a custom bracket design to accentuate any custom copper awning.

Consider our Iron Horse project. This building was completely custom, from the custom brickwork on the exterior to the copper awnings inspired by the trains of yesteryears from the wild, wild West. And when it came to securing his custom awnings to his building, the owner of Iron Horse wanted something completely different – wood frames!

He worked with our designers located in New Orleans, Louisiana, & we were able to make sure the owner of Iron Horse got exactly what he wanted, all handcrafted here in the United States.

Don’t let the images we have of prefabricated brackets limit your ideas on what you ultimately want for your home or business. Think outside the box, play with different materials, styles and eras, and ultimately, get the look that is uniquely you.

For more information about our prefabricated brackets, or our customizations process, contact us online or call us at 1-877- 251-5327.