At Crescent City Copper, we’re proud that our highly skilled coppersmiths are available to work one-on-one with you to make your unique copper awning ideas come to life. Our custom copper work is some of our most rewarding work, as we love trying new things and making our customers’ dreams come true.

Over the years, we’ve learned that many home and business owners who work with us for custom copper awnings have never designed an architectural element before. That’s okay! There’s a first time for everything.

To help you with the design process, we’ve created this list of 5 things to do when designing custom copper awnings with Crescent City Copper’s coppersmiths.

#1. Show Us a Photo of Schematic of Your Home or Business

Context is king. When it comes to creating a custom copper awning for your home or business, our coppersmiths love seeing photos of your house, business, restaurant, or storefront.

Seeing the architectural design of your house or building, as well as the exact space your custom copper awning will be hanging over, helps our coppersmiths see the big picture. These photos or schematics make it easier for our coppersmiths to understand what design types will best accentuate the features of your home or building, including what shape of awning will look best and whether or not an oversized awning is appropriate.

#2. Look at Our Gallery to Learn Common Design Names To Help Help You Better Communicate Your Aesthetic Goals

If you look at our online gallery, you’ll notice that differently shaped copper awnings have different names. Generally speaking, we fabricate the following types of copper awnings:

  • Seam copper awnings
  • Canopy cooper awnings
  • Sweep standing seam copper awnings
  • Victorian copper awnings
  • Barrell copper awnings
  • Dome copper awnings
  • Arched copper awnings
  • Circus copper awnings

See these common design types as a starting point, not a prescribed list. We can modify any look, or create something entirely different. But if you like the appearance of a seam copper awning, for example, but want to make something a little different from what we have pre-fabricated, telling us you like seam awnings helps us when creating custom mockups for you.

#3. Share Photos of Copper Awnings You’ve Seen and Love

Just like learning awning lingo helps, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Whether you’ve driven by a house or building with copper awnings you love and have taken a photo of them with your smartphone, or you’ve seen a copper awnings online that you want to replicate, pictures are so helpful during the custom design process. Even if you’ve seen something you like, but don’t love, share it with us anyways and tell us what about the existing design you want to keep, and what elements of the existing copper awning you want to tweak.

#4. Tell Us How You’ve Decorated the Inside of Your Home or Business

Great design is seamless. As such, we want to make the flow from outside your home or business to the inside as perfect as possible. While eclectic designs are popular and definitely appealing, we can’t even match that without knowing how you have the inside of your home or business decorated. So remember, just as it’s important to share photos of the outside of your home or business, we need to see what the inside of your space looks like, too.

#5. Make Sure to Share Your Budget

The last thing our coppersmiths want to do is come up with a custom design you love, but is out of your budget. Make sure you share your budget with us upfront, even if it’s just a price range, so we can make sure only to present options to you that are within reach.

Call Us to Inquire About Our Custom Copper Awning Creation Process

We want to bring your design dreams to life, and make your home or business uniquely yours. If you’re ready to design a custom copper awning, we’re here to help. To learn more about our custom creation process, contact us today at (877) 251-5327.