acadian style brick home w copper chimney cover highlight

Sometimes, standard “contractor grade” just won’t do. Especially when you’re building a custom home!

A recent client of ours didn’t like the idea of installing the plastic cap his builder had picked out for the chimney of his custom build.

That’s when the bricklayer completing the chimney had a suggestion – what about copper?

Benefits of Copper Chimney Caps

A chimney cap has a pretty simple job – keep out the birds & bugs.

But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for ugly screens & plastic caps.

This client had chosen deep red bricks for their home & a beautiful green roof. Copper was the perfect accent for his home. It created the “signature” touch he was looking for.

Plus, this homeowner wanted something permanent that wouldn’t have to be replaced in a few years. Few things beat the durability of copper for lasting a lifetime.

He also purchased a copper dryer vent to complete the perfect look!

Copper chimney caps add a signature touch

Unexpected Perk of Copper

Our client told us that one of the best parts of his new copper chimney cap was that it made the perfect perch for birds.

“The birds love it which is nice since we live on a few acres in the country,” he said!

If you’re looking for a nice touch to finish off your home’s custom look, we can help.

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