Unless you’ve been offline for most of 2021, you’ve heard about the shortage and increased pricing impacting construction and lumber. And if you’ve tried to purchase an appliance lately, you’re aware of the 6+ month lead time even from big box stores.

This same shortage of construction materials has had a big impact on those of us in the copper industry as well, resulting in difficulty sourcing materials and increasing costs.

That’s why we’re letting everyone know:

If you’re even THINKING about having a copper awning installed on your home, the time to start is NOW!

Leave Yourself Plenty of Time

We still have some awning styles in stock, and we can build certain styles within a short lead time.

However, due to shortages in raw materials, some awnings may take longer to complete and may require price adjustments.

The best thing is to get in touch with us today for a custom quote.

That way, we can confirm your design needs and give you a price you can count on.We can also confirm a delivery date and your shipping costs which have varied wildly over the last few months.

We want to do everything we can to be as transparent as possible with you as we help make your home stand out with our beautiful copper products.

Please contact us today for a quote!