Copper Chimney Caps And Awnings Make Clients Happy

There is nothing better than working with repeat customers.

Well, maybe a hot bowl of gumbo, especially this time of year!

When repeat customers call, we do everything we can to ensure they receive the same five-star customer service that made them come back for more.

We’re sure the quality of the materials and craftsmanship we put into every one of our American made products has quite a bit to do with it too though.

When Jason called us this time, we were thrilled to hear from him and couldn’t wait to get started on the next project he had in mind.

Meet One of Our Favorite New Yorkers, Jason

We love helping clients find the perfect custom copper products that will not only produce a beautiful work of art, but also include the high-functionality they want to improve the look of their home or commercial building.

When customers come back to us after having had a great experience, it truly warms our hearts. Our mission is to make hand-crafted copper products and to offer complete customer satisfaction every time.

We received Jason’s request after having created a copper awning for the front of his New York home last year and he absolutely loved it!

“It gets many compliments, and I even gave your information out to a few people,” Jason says.

This year, Jason came back to order a chimney cap and another copper awning to go with his first one. As you can see below, his chimney was missing a brick. So he wanted to get it tuckpointed and repaired.

He sent us this picture of his chimney with a simple question: “Would your chimney cap work on my style of chimney?”

He knew a chimney cap was essential for keeping out the birds & bugs. But he didn’t realize it could also:

  • Decrease downdrafts helping with fireplace maintenance
  • Protect your chimney from debris from storms or inclement weather
  • Withstand more wear and tear than stainless steel or galvanized steel without rusting like said materials

But the real selling point?

Like most of our clients of good taste, instead of it just being functional, he wanted something that would look good, unique and complement his awning.

Choosing our custom copper products was a no-brainer for Jason. He knew the high quality of our craftsmanship based on his past experience with us so it was a match made and Copper project heaven.

Quick Response During A Difficult Time

Jason had emailed our customer service team with a list of questions but knew it was terrible timing as Hurricane Laura was approaching.

“I know Louisiana is about to experience a few days of dangerous weather. I’m sure you are all concentrating on staying safe. I will call after the situation improves if I do not hear back,” Jason said.

Despite the incoming storm, we responded immediately and answered all his questions. We provided detailed information about the cost, delivery method, and timing. We want all our customers to know and understand everything about the process beforehand.

We are committed to bringing you helpful, on-time information that will teach you all about popular copper awnings and accessories even during a difficult time for our beloved Crescent City.

Our customers are the bread and butter of our business. They rave about how quickly we respond to their needs. But most importantly, we want you to know you come first, and you are the main priority above all else.

“Thanks for the fast response! I want to move forward with the order,” Jason said.

Customer Service – Going Above and Beyond

To say the least, Jason was blown away by our ability to react quickly during hurricane preparation. He was impressed that our standard for customer service made his project a priority for us during an unsettling time of uncertainty.

During this difficult time, we answered questions for Jason with:

  • Do you pay for the medium and custom size it to the chimney?
  • How much lead time do you need to fabricate and ship?
  • What is the approximate cost of freight to my zip code?

We were able to answer all his questions quickly and accurately. Our customer service team goes above and beyond to ensure our clients receive the care and attention they deserve.

The Project Details

While we offer a variety of pre-fabricated copper awnings, we can customize all of our products to fit your structure’s unique design needs.

Jason trusted us. He knew we could help replace his current awning and wanted to change the height of his 900 series awning at the same time.

“Is there any way to get an idea of what it would look like before ordering? Even if you need to draw a picture, I want to ensure we are on the same page.” Jason asked.

“Of course,” we replied. We’re happy to provide customers with drawings or sketches when necessary so they understand what they’re about to buy!

Timing Is Everything

It can be frustrating waiting on long shipping times, especially when you live in a different state. Some companies fail to communicate their process effectively. We tell our customers our lead time on the products they purchase and when to expect the delivery. Every custom order is different depending on the availability of raw materials when your order is placed. That is why communicating timing is everything.

Despite the hurricane approaching, we completed the project and shipped it to Jason within a month even though he was all the way in New York.

Although our company is in New Orleans, we can ship your order no matter where you live in the country.

Jason said, “I received the awning, and it looks incredible! The construction looks great, and I can’t wait to hang it. Thank you so much.”

It arrived quickly and was built to its exact specifications, precisely what Jason wanted, and in perfect condition.

Born In The USA

Buying products made and fabricated here in the USA is important to our company.

If it’s important to you as well, our custom copper awnings are the perfect way to elevate the look of your home or business while proudly buying American-made products.

You Have Questions; We Have Answers

Have a question? When you contact us, our customer service team is committed to bringing you helpful information that will teach you all about popular copper awnings and accessories.

Want to learn more about the different types and styles of metal awnings, selecting the right copper product, and even the copper patina process? We have a plethora of blog articles and