The weather has finally turned cooler, and that means it’s time for everyone’s favorite activity! No not football, but something you won’t be disappointed by: warming your toes around a fire!

Fire Pit to Your Backyard

There’s nothing like a crackling fire to bring people together, and there’s nothing easier than a fire pit to hang out by. From roasting s’mores to telling tall tales, this is one backdrop that’s perfect for making memories.

If you’ve thought about adding a firepit to your backyard, you know there’s plenty to consider. To help you find the perfect one for your home, we’ve compiled this how-to guide so that you can enjoy this backyard fun safely and comfortably.

Location, Location, Location

The real estate adage works for fire pits too! Where you plan to place your fire pit matters when it comes to finding the perfect model and keeping you and your guests comfortable.

First and foremost, safety.

Your fire pit should be a good distance from any flammable and combustible items as well as away from your home and any plants. Look for a level surface in wide, open space.

Remember that flames and sparks grow quickly. Always give yourself a little more distance and space to be safe, especially if wind tends to be an issue in your space.

Next, run in to your local fire department to ask about city regulations and their recommendations; you aren’t the first resident to have this idea & they’d rather meet you here than in your backyard with a firehose.

You may have to get special permission for your firepit if you rent your property. Regardless, there will be local codes that must be followed regarding placement.

Now that you have an idea of the safest spaces for your firepit, narrow them down based on purpose.

Are you planning to entertain frequently? Place your fire pit in an area with plenty of seating or near an outdoor kitchen.

Would you rather save your pit for family use? Keep it near the patio, so you and your loved ones can run in and grab s’mores or hot chocolate as you enjoy the fall weather. (Just be sure to never leave the fire pit unattended.)

Think Form and Function

Fire pits can be found in a wide variety of materials including steel, stone, tile, and copper.

Stone and stainless steel fire pits are the heaviest. Once you put your pit in place, you’re probably not going to want to move it again. Both of these materials are fairly expensive with steel being the easier to clean and maintain of the two.

Tile firepits are not quite as common as steel and stone. You will see smaller fire pits made completely or partially of tile for a mosaic look. The fireproof nature of tile makes this material one of the more durable options.

Finally, copper fire pits are often used to add an upscale look to backyards without having to compromise function; they’re usually light enough that you can move them around to just the right spot as often as you like.

A powder coating protects the elements from the outdoors (and fire, of course) while the shiny surface reflects the fanning flames; there is also the added benefit of being lovely to look at whether lit or not!

Keep in mind that once you choose your material you’ll need to select the shape.

Most fire pits can be found in rounded or square versions. The rounded, bowl-like options are portable while square shapes are usually reserved for more stationary fire pits.

Bowl-like pits typically range from 20-36 inches in diameter; you may find some square-shaped pits as large as 45 inches in diameter.

Pick Your Fuel Wisely

Fire pits typically fall into one of two categories: wood-burning or gas/propane. Wood-burning fire pits are those traditional, campfire-like pits. Gas and propane pits often create larger fires and do not require as much tending to.

In the end, it mostly comes down to personal taste.

Choose the Right Extras

Once you decide on your fire pit, be sure to consider any extras you might need. A little preparation beforehand will make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your inaugural fire pit night.

Always make sure you use a spark screen. These screens work just as the name sounds; they keep sparks from flying up from the pit and causing an uncontrolled fire and/or damage.

Next, stock up on your fuel of choice and grab the hot cocoa. You’re ready for some outdoor fun!

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