You don’t have to be a decorating pro to make your home look extra cozy this fall. Even if you hate decorating, you can certainly appreciate the greeting of a new season. After all, who isn’t ready for things to cool off around the Crescent City?

With the weather becoming cooler, you’ll probably find yourself spending more time outside.

With no mad dash to reach the A/C as quickly as possible, why not make your front porch look a bit more becoming? Don’t worry; you don’t need a porch full of pumpkins to get that fall feeling.

yellow and green pineapple pairs well with orange and white pumpkins

Southern fall decorating only really needs 3 things: warm tones, a focus on details, and lots of greenery.

1. Make Things Cozy with Lots of Warm Tones

No need to go 100% red and green just yet. Make the most of this season by incorporating warm tones into your decorating scheme. Shades of orange, copper, yellow, and tan make for a pleasant palette.

An autumn-themed wreath is a quick and simple way to spruce up your porch. You can find one at most craft and decorating stores. If you prefer to DIY, a wreath wire, some burlap, fabric glue, and preserved leaves are all you need!

Add some copper windchimes near your front door to enjoy soothing sounds & a pop of color all season long. Be sure to swap out your porch mat for something a little more fall like. You can even add smaller sized wreaths hung with a ribbon to each window to finish your look!

2. A Little Focus on the Details Goes a Long Way

The trick to creating a fall porch display that’s you uniquely you is to focus on the details. We don’t mean you need to go out and buy dozens of decorations; instead, keep your eye on the little things while working on your front porch.

A few carefully selected materials and items will make a great first impression on all guests!

If you have an older clay flower pot lying around, give it a good scrub and let it dry. Follow up with a base of acrylic craft paint, and a clear acrylic spray to set. A deep copper or gold shade are on-trend tones for this season!

After the flower pot is completely dry, fill it with potting soil or a large flower frog. Decorate the rim of the pot by using craft glue to attach a burlap ribbon in a shade that matches the paint you just used.

A large pumpkin or collection of smaller, colorful gourds can be displayed right on top. If you prefer something a little different, swap out the squash for pinecones!

3. Incorporate Greenery into Your Fall-Time Outdoor Display

As the leaves change colors and the trees become bare, your view outside can feel a bit dark and drab. Banish the ‘Winter Blues’ before they can even think of arriving by incorporating greenery.

A rustic watering can filled with greenery and bits of colorful flowers keeps your porch looking fresh. You can easily add a touch of Holly during the winter. A set of matching planters filled with the perennial evergreen, creeping jenny, are sure to add the right pop of green!

As you spruce up your porch for fall, be sure to take stock of your interior and backyard as well.

Fall is the ideal time to dress things up now that the weather is more pleasant. At Crescent City Copper, you’ll find dozens of copper products including wall art, awnings, and fire pits to make your home cozier. Let the original New Orleans Coppersmiths help you find the ideal piece to make your home pop this season!