Everyone loves a good excuse for gift giving, and wedding anniversaries are no exception. But did you know this custom dates back centuries?

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when and where it all began, but we do know the earliest written records come from Central Europe. Couples exchanged gifts of various materials to celebrate each anniversary.

Just like the traditions of today, the value of the gifts’ materials increased with each passing year. It is thought that the materials were selected not only for their monetary value but also for their “luckiness.”

And what about those silver and golden wedding anniversaries? This tradition harks back to the Germany in the mid ages. Wives often received garlands made of silver and gold for their 25th and 50th anniversaries, respectively.

You can thank Queen Victoria of England for the 60th anniversary’s distinction as the “diamond anniversary.” Until her 60th Diamond Jubilee celebration, only women who reached 75 years of marriage were fortunate enough to receive a real sparkler.

Classic and Contemporary Copper Anniversary Gifts

Today, there’s a brilliant medium to translate your love no matter the milestone, from paper to tin to sapphires.

We’re partial to the 7th anniversary ourselves, which features none other than the timeless charm of copper.

While there are certainly some gorgeous materials and gemstones on the anniversary list, you can never go wrong with copper! This durable metal will look stunning for years to come. Its warm tone works for a variety of items, including jewelry and home decor.

Let’s take a look at this some of the wonderful copper items you can give your special someone to celebrate 7 lucky years!

Copper Mugs

There’s just something about copper that makes any cocktail look a little more glamorous!

Copper mugs are perhaps best known for making the ideal complement to Moscow Mules, but enhance just about any beverage.

So, why not enjoy your anniversary in style? A celebratory drink is in order! Whether it’s sparkling water or something a little stronger, you’ll love whipping out these mugs and saying cheers to another year!

Copper Office Supplies

Office supplies don’t have to be boring.

Copper’s warmth & shine makes ordinary objects like pens, paperweights, tape dispensers, letter openers, and even wastebaskets come to life.

Go for copper to make your honey’s workday a little brighter!

Copper Fire Pits

Need an excuse to cozy up? A copper fire pit will set your hearts ablaze.

There’s nothing more romantic than watching the fire flicker as you and your special someone sip hot cocoa, roast s’mores and just enjoy each other’s company.

This is a gift the two of you can enjoy together, as well as with family and friends. Copper is specially suited to withstand the elements, and you’ll love the topnotch craftsmanship of our fire pits.

Copper Wall Art

After 7 years of marriage, you’ve probably compiled a number of trinkets. Instead of exchanging another item that will only sit on the shelf, give the gift of decor! Copper wall art is an unexpected yet gorgeous way to decorate your home.

This material works for everywhere from the office to the bedroom. From copper suns to stars, you’ll find everything you need to make your home shine in copper at Crescent City Copper.

Unsure which handcrafted work of art would make the perfect gift for your 7th wedding anniversary? Come visit us! Our team of New Orleans Coppersmiths can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.