What does it take to create a well-planned home?
The first things that come to mind may be landscaping, painting, and exterior design. But what about awnings?
When you consider the energy savings and reduced wear of windows and doors, you’ll see how necessary they are.
timeless copper awning installed over a window of a brick home
We may be more than a little partial, but the thousands of customers that we’ve produced awnings for can’t all be wrong in the belief that copper awnings in particular are both functional and stylish.
Their low-maintenance nature makes them the ideal choice for budget-savvy homeowners, while the variety of beautiful shapes is sure to strike everyone’s fancy.
Whether allowed to naturally develop their deep patina over time, or treated to stay bright and shiny through the years, copper awnings are practically maintenance-free!
No matter how you choose to care for your awning, you’re sure to love the look. Let’s go over some of the copper awning’s biggest benefits for decorating and protecting your home.

Why Add a Copper Awning to Your Home?

Awnings do more than add style to your home. These gorgeous accents protect you and your home from the elements. They reflect excessive sunlight away from your home to prevent damage while giving you a shady spot right by your front door.

Awnings make an excellent complement to homes which have a large window on the front. No more squinting in your living room or dealing with faded paint on the walls.

And those rainy days? An awning is incredibly useful when you’re trying to master the art of closing your umbrella and opening the door without getting soaked.

It also makes a nice, cool place for guests to pause as you welcome them into your home. (Talk about making a good first impression!)

As you look at all the options for awnings available, you’ll find a wide variety of materials to choose from. Permanent awnings are typically made of aluminum, steel, fiberglass, or copper.

For homeowners looking for a durable, low-maintenance, and attractive material, copper is the ideal choice.

The Beauty and Durability of Copper Awnings

What makes copper such a popular choice for permanent home awnings?

First, copper is uniquely equipped to withstand the elements. While fabric, wood, and aluminum awnings need regular maintenance and replacement, copper is always up to the task.

It will not bend, tear, or warp under pressure. In other words, it’s the right material to stand up against our not-so-friendly Louisiana weather.

Of course, you also want a material that complements the design of your home. The warm tone and soft texture of copper make a lovely accent for brick, wood, and stucco homes.

You’ll love how the warm color pops against cool-toned exteriors or shines with a warm-toned background. This is one of the few materials that matches every home, no matter the style or color!

Awnings made of cloth or roofing materials need careful cleaning and just add another chore to your to-do list.

Instead, copper simply becomes more beautiful as time goes on. Some prefer to judge the passing of the seasons in the ever-changing patina of their copper awning, but others have their awning treated to stay bright and shiny through the years.

The Perfect Accent

At Crescent City Copper, you’ll find we manufacture a wide variety of copper awnings to choose from. We offer both door and window awnings to suit your home.

While we carry a number of sizes and dimensions on site, we can also bring your dream of the perfect custom awnings to suit your home to life.

As for installation, you’ll find plenty of bracket options to choose from to ensure that your new awning really sets off the look you’re going for. Click here to check out our selection of copper awnings online, or come by the shop to experience them in person & talk to the original New Orleans Coppersmiths about making your vision a reality!