When it comes to Southern living, the magic lies in the details.

Southern homes are known across the nation and even internationally for their warm, charming atmospheres. While it may seem like large pieces make the biggest impact, take another look and you’ll be sure to find small, thoughtful touches that bring the look together.

climbing roses blooming on Southern style brick garden architecture

Focusing on the little things while decorating allows you to create a style that’s uniquely you.

Show off your ingenious side by repurposing forgotten items into outdoor centerpieces. Or let you inner Scarlet O’Hara shine and make a statement by moving glittering chandeliers to your back porch.

While you’re sure to put your own spin on things, we’ve compiled some must-have tips for decorating with a Southern flair. Let’s get started, y’all!

Quickly Transform Your Backyard into an Oasis

There’s nothing like having an outdoor space where you can get away from it all and just be.

What if you didn’t have to travel hundreds of miles to find tranquility and could have a zen moment right in your backyard? Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

Practically any outdoor space can be transformed into a soothing retreat with a few carefully selected details.

First, take stock of your backyard. Do you have a garden shed that’s needing a little TLC? Or can you find a lovely shaded area that’s just dying for visitors?

If you’re not sure what to look for, focus on areas where you can easily pop in a bench, add a chimenea, or a fountain. No need to reinvent the wheel; it’s all about working with what you’ve got!

You’ll find that bringing in a little seating and some soothing sounds (e.g. with a fountain and some copper windchimes) is all it takes to create your own oasis!

Bring Your Porch Back to Life

Let’s face it. Our much-loved porches tend to go through seasons along with the weather.

There’s Spring Cleaning, where we finally give them some much needed love after a long winter. Everything looks gorgeous, and we can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the view.

Then summer rolls around and the heat makes any thought of parting from the A/C downright unbearable. Cobwebs pile up and dust accumulates in every corner.

It’s an easy trap to fall into, but with a handful of charming pieces, you can bring your porch back to life!

We often focus on the big pieces like an outdoor furniture set. These items are certainly important, but it takes the details to transform your porch from ho-hum to marvelous!

If you’re not sure what to add to your porch, give these tips a try:

  • Add a playful, printed outdoor rug
  • Invest in a set of glossy, wheeled carts for entertaining
  • Hang hearty basket flowers such as lantanas, begonias, and geraniums
  • Finish the look off with eye-catching copper wind chimes that sound beautiful all year round

Remember to stick to outdoor-safe pieces. While some indoor items may be used outdoors, you’ll want to bring them in during inclement weather and sunny days to protect them from damage.

At Crescent City Copper, you’ll find an array of gorgeous and functional copper accents. Our items are designed to add immeasurable charm to any space, including your backyard and porch. Reach out to the original New Orleans Coppersmiths to find the perfect pieces for your home!