Depending on where you live, heat from the afternoon sun can be brutal!

All you want to do is enjoy your backyard patio. But the sun beats down on you, making everyone squint just to sit outside and roasting you all afternoon.

If this sounds like something you’ve been dealing with, there’s an easy solution. A copper awning will create the shade you need to make your patio enjoyable no matter what time of day.

New Outdoor Kitchen Needed More Shade

We recently installed a custom awning for a client who had just finished a beautiful addition to his home of an outdoor kitchen and extended patio.

The problem? The heat! More specifically, heat from the afternoon sun!


We had no problem helping the client choose an awning that matched the look and feel of his home and new outdoor living space.

However, there was some concern about how much sun the awning would actually reflect. The angle of the customer’s home and patio to the afternoon sun was pretty harsh and required something non-standard to help solve the problem.


We wound up customizing the angle of the awning to make it a little stronger than normal to solve the afternoon sun issue. Just another day in the life of a custom awning maker!