Chimneys are one of those things that are often overlooked. But did you know that there are a variety of copper chimney caps that are designed to be pleasing to the eye, and functional to the operation of your fireplace? Chimney caps, or chimney crowns as some call them, play an important role in protecting your home from animals, insects and water damage. With a variety of sizes, shapes and designs we have the ideal chimney top that best suits the architectural style of your home.

A Dirty, But Important Job

For a chimney to work properly there has to be a significant amount of airflow from the fireplace through the flue leading to the outside of the home. Improper fireplace designs allow dangerous gases to remain inside the house and affect the inhabitants any time the fire is lit. To remedy this problem, chimney crowns can be designed to maximize airflow and reduce harmful smoke and gas.

Keep Pests Out

Because the chimney is usually the tallest portion of the structure, it becomes an attractive place to squirrels, birds, and bats. All of these creatures are constantly searching out shelter from the environmental elements. During the winter months, many animals are attracted to a chimney to keep warm. During the summer months, and open flue will provide access to shade and cooler air from inside the home. As a way to circumvent this problem, our quality copper chimney caps allow all the gases and smoke an avenue out of the house, while repelling pests from going down into the shaft.

Beauty and Durability

For many years copper has been used as the ultimate material of choice in building a quality chimney crown. Copper is a malleable, but strong, metal that can efficiently stand up against harsh environmental elements, and is completely recyclable. Installing a cap that is safe for the environment, while adding beauty to your home is a way to do your part in protecting the planet while adding beauty to your home.

Low Maintenance

Because of the chemical makeup of copper, the cap has a reduced risk of rusting, and naturally forms a beautiful patina as it ages. It holds up well against abuse, and minimizes the wear and tear from being out in the elements. As a result, it offers the homeowner a cap that requires low maintenance while providing long life.

Crescent City Copper offers numerous styles of copper chimney caps in various sizes to meet most any need. Using the best copper materials, and skillful craftsmanship, each chimney crown comes with a quality warranty. Select from their many quality copper chimney crown options at their online catalog.