These days, everyone is looking for ways to stretch their dollar. So when it comes to your home or business – here is something that will not only help you save money in terms of energy savings, but also add serious decorating flair.


Custom copper awnings can provide UV protection to reduce or eliminate fading of your furniture, carpets, window treatments, artwork or any exposed fabric or flooring in your home. By safeguarding your valuables from sunshine, copper awnings installed around the exterior of your home can extend the lifespan of your interior goods, while protecting your windows and doors on the outside.

Benefit #1 – Lower Monthly Utility Bills

Because windows are the greatest source of energy loss in every household, blocking direct sunlight can significantly reduce energy demand in your home. Copper awnings have been shown to lower utility bills while keeping your home cooler during the summer months. Blocking direct sunshine from entering the windows can create a shady environment without blocking your view, while still allowing full light to penetrate the interior.

Benefit #2 – Improved Architectural Design

The effectiveness of using awnings to safeguard the home from the environment has been the standard in building for centuries. Recent architectural trends are moving away from simple design by increasing the display of rich textures of elegant structures. Many new construction projects and remodeled homes are selecting decorative and embellishing styles, by adding beautiful copper awnings and other adornments.

Benefit #3 – Customization Options

With this type of product, you have a wide range of awnings styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. Additionally, we can fabricate your customized awnings with numerous bracket choices, or even hang the awning support from above. These permanent copper awnings offer a long life durable solution that saves you money over time.

We can build you a canopy awning designed to accentuate your traditional-style home, or a standing seam awning that enhances your more contemporary or modern house. To attain that old rich look, we can leave the copper in its natural form to generate a beautiful patina of rich colors. We can also apply a treatment agent to ensure the natural patina will not form, or ever change color.

At Crescent City Copper, we have the products you need to add decorative embellishments to the exterior of your home. Creating your own elegant showpiece will add lasting value to your property while protecting it from the sun and UV rays.  You can also click here to browse our online catalog of awning products.