A variety of materials can be used to fabricate your home or office chimney. Most often, it is constructed out of a masonry material including brick, stone, block or concrete. Recently, metal materials have become quite popular in chimney design, making an attractive statement to the exterior appearance of your structure.

Inside your chimney, you will find a single or extended flue that will protrude immediately above the fireplace and extend to the top of the chimney. On top, there is ample room to install a decorative and functional chimney cap.


  Keeping out the Elements

A quality chimney cap can be installed on top of the chimney and flue as a way to control animal intruders and precipitation. Additionally, some well-constructed caps are designed to decrease or reduce most down draft to allow more smoke and gas, from the fireplace, to escape through the chimney. Caps can be an effective solution to correct an improperly vented fireplace and optimize the performance of your chimney.

  Eliminate Rust

Most metal-designs chimney caps are fabricated out of galvanized steel or stainless steel and can easily rust over time. Being constantly subjected to extreme climatic changes of the environment, steel and stainless steel caps often require constant maintenance or repair. As an alternative, copper has long been used the ideal capping material that is both environmentally friendly and holds up extremely well over time.

 Copper Is Beautiful and Functional

Copper is an attractive material, and is used in quality constructed homes and offices. Creating an attractive patina as it ages, copper can make a dramatic statement on the chimney and structure. Additionally it holds up well against continuous atmospheric and climactic conditions.

 A Moldable Material

Because copper is such a malleable material, it is easy to mold into any type of shape. Beautiful copper chimney caps are constructed in a variety of styles including a round domed shape and a simple triangular shape with long sweeping sides. Many attractive caps are formed into rectangle shapes with crisp straight lines.

 Easy to Retrofit

Whether you have a new home or office under construction, or an existing structure, you can easily retrofit your chimney and flue with a quality crafted copper cap. Crescent City Copper offers a variety of styles, shapes and sizes of copper chimney cap solutions that can fit any type of chimney. Look through their available online catalog to find the chimney cap that best suits your office or residence.