If you were to enlist the help of a professional interior designer to design or remodel your kitchen, it is very likely that he or she would suggest a kitchen hood made out of natural copper as the focal piece of the design. More and more homeowners and designers are turning to these ranges because they provide the ultimate coveted balance of a new idea with a classic appeal.

Over the last few years, copper has been moving into interior décor in a big way, as you can see from a recent Southern Living photo shoot:

copper kitchen hoods

Copper accents other natural materials

There are many reasons why kitchen hoods have become increasingly popular, one being that they match almost any of the classic kitchen materials such as granite, stone, brick and even wood finishes. Copper has similar aesthetic qualities as oil rubbed bronze, which has been used in the past in kitchens.

The trend of using stainless steel in kitchens is beginning to fade away to make room for this new and exciting kitchen trend. The copper kitchen hoods are gaining momentum because they can easily fit within the décor, and they can create almost any mood or theme within the room as desired.

For people who are interested in a more geometric, modern, and contemporary look, the range can be polished and shined to create this affect. If a more rustic and classic mood is the goal, the range can have deeper tones or a patina after it has been oxidized.

Aging gracefully

As this metal ages, and oxidizes, it can develop a patina, or a rich green color. Many designers love this affect within the kitchen hood, and the accent it gives the space. With one of these unique hoods in the kitchen, you can have a new design element provided to you without having to change the hood thanks to the patina.

  • Click here to find out more about the patina process and see a color chart

Custom designs available

If you are interested in a green eco friendly hood, then copper is an excellent choice as it is one of the most recyclable and recycled of the metals. All of the kitchen hoods we build are custom products, so call us today with your plans or specifications and we can provide a custom quote for you with no obligation.

Image from Southern Living