Over the last 300 years, homes in the United States have been designed architecturally for their beauty, variety and adaptability. From many of the stately colonial or Victorian homes, to the trendy bungalows and beach houses along coastlines and lakes, many architects have added exterior decorative touches to supplement the beauty and sophistication of the structure.

Smart, money savings features

Today, louvers are still important to the function of a roof, as it allows the hot air and moisture to escape the building without letting any rain or snow make its way inside.

While some louvers can be found connected to the exterior wall of a kitchen, many are found on the roof, connected to an attic space. Especially during the hot summer months when the sun is constantly beating down on the rooftop, the attic can reach extremely high temperatures.

This makes it much more difficult to keep the house cool, causing the electricity bill to climb substantially. A roof louver can be installed to help this hot air vent away from the attic space without allowing any water, or animals, to enter the attic.

The attic is not the only area of the home that can benefit from a louver. Plenty of homes have wall louvers in order to vent a specific room or area of the house. This could be the kitchen as mentioned before, a bathroom, or a bedroom or office that requires extra ventilation.

Wall lovers can be easily integrated with the existing ductwork of the house so that hot air can easily be exhausted from the home. Wall louvers are available in many appealing shapes, including circular, rectangular or octagonal.


Eyelid Style Louver

The Durability of Copper

Many architects understand that creative design needs to incorporate functionality and durability into their plan. That is why they often choose copper as a way to accentuate the beauty while integrating performance in their overall design.

Copper is one of the most durable materials to use on the exterior of your home, and holds up well for decades. It is crafted with a bright shiny copper sheen, which over time will transform into a beautiful patina with striations and patterns of greens, browns and creamy colors.


Tombstone Style Louver

Lots of variety to choose from

At Crescent City Copper, we carry a large variety of louver vents, which can add instant beauty while allowing excessive heat to escape from your attic during the hot summer months, and eliminate moisture buildup on and under your roof, during the cold winter months. The louvers are designed to allow air to penetrate while protecting against the environment.

These styles include the shapes of an A-frame, eyebrow, eyelid, tombstone, triangular and octagon. We have round vents, vertical rectangular and horizontal rectangular wall copper louver vents to fit any style of home.


Triangle or A-Frame Style Louver

At Crescent City Copper, you are not limited in the size or material demands of your project. Should you desire a finish that does not create a patina, we can easily seal the product to ensure it remains “copper shiny”. We offer a variety of unique finishes and can easily customize it to meet your specific application. Shipping is easy, as well as installation.

If you think a timeless copper louver might be right for you, click here to browse our online catalog. Or contact us today with any questions.