Adding style and beauty to any home requires attention to detail. This is why many architects choose to install copper dryer vents in the overall design of their homes. They select copper is the material of choice because of its durability and long lasting properties.

copper dryer vents

The Functionality of Copper

Copper dryer vents will significantly outlast the lifespan of conventional galvanized metal and aluminum dryer vents in any type of environment. Copper holds up well against salty air, and environments of extreme temperature fluctuations. Copper dryer vents can be designed to match existing flashing in a variety of different finishes that include a natural patina, or surface treated natural bright copper.

Because of the malleable properties of copper, architects will design copper dryer vents in a variety of styles and shapes including those that are low profile. They can be designed with a hood or configured as a one-way damper, with or without a screen. Many low-profile louvered dryer vents will simply sit flush against the side of the home when not in use. Copper artisans can design copper roof vents in nearly any shape from square to round.

Aesthetic Qualities

Copper roof vents are often incorporated into the style and design of a home because of the aesthetic qualities they provide. Copper has been known to add instant curb appeal to the exterior of any home because of its unsurpassed beauty. Over time, the natural properties of copper will automatically transform as the metal reacts with the outdoor environment. It produces a natural patina or the blended mix of blues, purples, greens, brassy yellows with reds and oranges. Adding amazing elegance to the exterior of the home, the naturally aged patina of the copper is actually its own protection against rust and corrosion.

Different Finishes

The architect may ask the copper artisan to finish the metal with a specific color, feel or look. Copper can be induced to provide a variety of finishes by using coatings, chemical coloring, or mechanical surface treatments.

Through mechanical treatments, the surface of copper can be buffed to a shiny appearance that reflects like a mirror. The process involves polishing, grinding and buffing. The copper artisan can chemically induce a natural-appearing patina. This process is often used when new components are added to an existing residential home as a way to match naturally aged patina components on the structure. Coatings can be applied to the exterior of the copper dryer vent to ensure it remains bright and shiny if required.

A Long Lifespan

Due to the protective qualities of the naturally aged patina that automatically builds up on the surface of copper, the metal is highly resistant to the environment. Architects will often incorporate copper in roofing materials, vents, gutters, downspouts and dryer vents of residential homes because of its long lifespan. Any metal component of a home’s exterior crafted out of copper can last for generations. The metal requires virtually no maintenance and is best left alone to the environment to build up its own natural protection.

Architectural Style

Because copper has been used on residential properties for centuries, it is often considered the metal of choice for traditional styled homes. However, many architects are now incorporating copper products when designing modern and contemporary homes. The metal adds aesthetically pleasing components to nearly any design because of the stylish appearance it provides.

Installing copper dryer vents is a smart decision. The metal adds warmth to a decorative design. Because it holds up well against harsh environmental conditions, it is the ideal choice metal for any residential home or commercial business.

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