The entryway of any home is the perfect location to add decorative features to achieve an attractive appearance to its exterior. An easy and instant way to add curb appeal to any home is to install a copper front door awning. It can instantly create an amazing contrast to the exterior of the home and serves the best solution for revamping a tired or outdated entryway.

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Architects will often use decorative copper front door awnings as a way to connect architectural features to the entryway. The design might include a copper roof, or decorative copper components such as copper downspouts, gutters, ridge vents, roof vents, copper dryer vents and more.

Choose from Many Different Designs

The malleability of copper allows artisans to create a unique or prominent design element over the front entryway. Decorative front door awnings can be added to create a larger appearance to enhance the façade of the home or as a way to increase the beauty of its existing architectural style. They can be designed in a variety of popular styles that include:

  • Barrel or dome
  • Decorative sweep with the standing seam
  • Standing seam design
  • Canopy

Adding the front door awning to the home can add a level of protection when entering or exiting through the front door. It can protect the front door against harsh environmental conditions including snow, rain and sunshine.

Why Choose Copper?

The use of copper in a front door awning adds an unsurpassed beauty that is challenging to replicate with any other type of material. When left to the environment, the metal automatically starts the process of natural oxidation to create a beautiful and decorative patina. When a patina first begins to form, the bright shiny copper turns to a blend of chocolate and russet browns. After a few years the browns take on a more black and dull gray slate appearance that finally transforms into blue greens and light greens after a decade or so.

The oxidation process of its naturally aging patina works as a layer of protection to the exterior of the metal. The patina protects the metal against environmental conditions, making it highly resistant to rusting and corrosion. Because of this, the copper front door awning can last for generations and require virtually no maintenance or upkeep.

Available Finishes

Architects that incorporate copper in front door awnings choose the metal because the awning can be crafted in a variety of finishes. If the overall design requires the bright shiny copper appearance, the metal can be coated to ensure it maintains the buffed look for years. Copper can also be treated chemically to induce a natural looking patina. The chemical process is often used when matching a new front awning on homes and structures that have existing naturally-aged copper components.

Architects and copper artisans will often build front door awnings with decorative brackets in a variety of styles. These brackets offer a way to support various front door awning styles and add another layer of aesthetic beauty to the entryway.

Aside from its practical purpose of offering protection against the harsh elements, installing copper front door awnings add visual interest to a mundane or outdated entryway façade. They can be created in a variety of designs, styles and shapes from traditional to contemporary styles. Adding decorative brackets can increase the aesthetic beauty of the awning and add a pleasing appearance to the entryway.

Installing copper front door awnings is an easy way to enhance the beauty of any home or business façade. The metal provides its own natural protection while developing a beautiful patina that will last for decades.

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