Since ancient times, copper has been a used as an architecture feature due to its durability, corrosion resistance, prestigious appearance, and ability to be formed into unique shapes and designs.

From the ancient cathedrals to French Quarter homes, copper has been used for a variety of architectural elements, awnings, including gutters and downspouts, chimney caps, and roof vents. Even famous architects and artists have used copper in some of their most notable works, including Frank Lloyd Wright and Fran O. Gehry.

New Orleans architecture is a blend of its unique heritage: a combination of 18th century French and Spanish influences. As such, copper is a prominent architectural feature in many homes and businesses found throughout the city.

The iconic gaslamp for example is uniquely crafted in antiqued copper and is one of the most recognizable architectural elements lining the streets of the French Quarter and Garden District.

Copper fountains and statues are found throughout garden patios in the French Quarter and outside historic homes along St. Charles Street. Even the newly renovated St Roch Market was adorned with custom copper gutters and downspouts.

Homeowners in New Orleans Choose Copper

From roof vents to copper awnings and gutters, homeowners in New Orleans often choose copper when updating, restoring, or building their homes. That’s because copper can create that timeless New Orleans look without breaking your budget!

The benefits of copper as architectural features are numerous and include:

●        Resistant to corrosion – copper doesn’t corrode the way other types of metals do. This makes it an ideal choice for homes and structures built in wet, humid climates like New Orleans.

●        Long lasting and durable – copper roofs have existed intact in a variety of climates for more than 700 years. When tests were conducted on 18th century roofs in Europe, it was estimated that those roofs could last for 1000 years.

●        Low maintenance – copper doesn’t require any cleaning or maintenance, making it an ideal choice for areas that are difficult to access, such as roofs or high structures.

●        Lightweight – copper is extremely lightweight, meaning that structures don’t require additional supports. This is an excellent choice for older, historic homes in the New Orleans metro area that may not be able to withstand other types of metals.

●        Suitable for hot New Orleans summers – since copper doesn’t require excessive ventilation, it is suitable for all types of weather.

●        Lightning protection – copper is one of the most commonly used materials in residential lightning protection.

●        Wide range of finishes – homeowners can choose copper colors that range from brown to green and everything in between. Create the exact look you desire with copper.

●        Cost Effective – copper is one of the most cost-effective materials to use on roofs and surrounding structures. It is considerably more affordable and cost-effective than other materials.

●        Improve Curb Appeal – a home or business with copper roofs, gutters, or awnings stand out above the rest. Copper can add significant value to your home and approve its curb appeal. In New Orleans, it can instantly transform an ordinary home into a timeless one.

Choose Copper Chimney Caps from Crescent City Copper

At Crescent City Copper, we have helped businesses and homeowners add unique copper awnings, roofs, gutters, and chimney caps to their beautiful structures.

Our work can be found on homes and businesses throughout the Garden District, French Quarter, Uptown, Old Metairie, and the North Shore. To learn more about any of our copper awnings, copper gutters, copper finials or specialty products, email us at or call us at 1-877-251-5327 today.