Add Curb Appeal and Protection from Outdoor Elements

Installing a door awning on a home or office immediately adds decorative curb appeal while providing safeguards from the outdoor elements. In addition to that, it can save the property owner money each month by lowering energy bills while adding equity to the home or office.

Reduced Energy Bills

Awnings installed on the back, side and front doors of a home or office will block the direct rays of the sun. This will minimize the amount of undesired heat gain of the structure’s interior. An installed door awning is especially beneficial if the doorway has direct exposure to sunlight during the hottest times of the day.

A door awning that blocks direct sunlight can reduce the amount of heat that penetrates into the interior by up to 40%. This will create a significant return on the homeowner or business owner’s investment. Likewise, during the cold winter months, the door awning works as an effective solution for blocking icy cold chilling winds. This can reduce monthly heating expenses.

A Protection from the Elements

One of the most advantageous benefits of installing a door awning is the protection it provides from the outdoor elements. A door awning offers direct protection against downpours and provides a space where one can close their wet umbrella before entering the structure. In addition, it provides protection from the scorching heat of the day, or rainfall, when guests need to wait for the door to be answered.

From a practical standpoint, installing a door awning also provides protection of the front door, the stoop and the steps. The door awning can divert falling snow or rain, minimizing the potential of rot along with wear and tear.

Protection of the Home’s Interior

There are significant levels of protection provided by a door awning in a home or office’s interior. The door awning can block harmful direct UV sunrays from penetrating through the door glass, which would cause damage and fading to wall paint, rugs, artwork, furniture, draperies, window coverings and other belongings.

Adding Curb Appeal

Installing a front door awning can add instant curb appeal to the exterior of the office or home. It is a distinct visual home-improvement upgrade that can either match the existing architectural design, or create a new one.

Door awnings are manufactured using a variety of materials including fabric, galvanized metal and copper. Architects and designers often choose to install a copper door awning because of the wide variety and customized features along with its aesthetic beauty. In addition, copper door awnings can be crafted in a variety of customized designs to match the original style of the home or office, or create a new visual impact.

Large Door Awnings

Many homeowners elect to install a large door awning over their patio doors in the backyard. This provides a wide, shaded covered area where patio furniture can be placed and enjoyed. Large door awnings can be used as an effective way to increase the living space outdoors while adding a decorative, sophisticated style to the home’s exterior. Large door awnings are often used as a viable solution over the garage door, allowing it to remain open on hot sunny days, or during inclement weather.

The beneficial advantages of installing door awnings on a home or business are instantaneous, once the installation process is completed. Copper door awnings can be designed to match window awnings and other decorative copper features installed on the structure. Click here to shop our selection of hand made awnings n