You may have seen conductor heads in passing, but may not be familiar with the moniker. That is because the functional and aesthetic additions to the outside of your home go by many names, including: scupper heads, scupper boxes, bells, catch basins, collectors, collector heads, conductor heads, and conductor boxes. These attractive additions attach to the downspout not too far from the roof. This is the perfect spot for them to re-route water (roof drainage) to drain to the area that it needs to go to.

Understanding How Conductor Heads Work

Conductor heads are used to channel water that runs from a home’s gutters into the connected downspouts. They catch the excess water and keep the downspouts from becoming overwhelmed by directing the runoff in a more controlled manner. Along with a scupper, which is a vital part of some downspout and gutter systems, conductor heads protect the sides of buildings from erosion caused by a continuous flow of water draining after a rainstorm.

Often working as a catch basin for the entire gutter/downspout system, conductor heads alleviate a troublesome issue caused by clogging, and it’s not just inside the rain collectors, but also at the site where the gutter sleeve meets the downspout. As a matter of fact, because of the conductor head, the gutter sleeve can be connected directly to the conductor pipe. Thankfully, conductor heads keep modern gutter systems clearer than older versions, so they do not have to be repaired as often, nor do they typically necessitate re-plugging and resealing.

Creating a Sophisticated Exterior

Though they have a utilitarian purpose, conductor heads are large enough to be noticeable, and therefore are oftentimes decorative. As such, architects create these collector heads in a plethora of gorgeous materials, colors, and patterns to complement almost any home or building. Since they are made in such a creative, fancy manner, they are sure to add to the aesthetic of the exterior of your building or residence. They are quite pleasing to the eye and bring an ornate quality to an otherwise ordinary outside wall.

So, while it is true that gutters systems are installed for the sole purpose of channeling and directing roof drainage away from your roofing, many building designers ensure that the rather gaudy and large conductor heads are composed beautifully and in such a manner that the building structure appears beautiful to passersby. They, like round downspouts, certainly add the perfect finishing touch to your exterior, whether they match the parapet wall, or simply add an accent to a monochrome building. They are especially lovely if their designs match the color or design of the fascia and soffit or even just the roofing itself.

Choosing From a Variety of Leader Head Materials

Most of the time, conductor heads are made from stainless steel or galvanized metal, but the latter may react adversely to different weather conditions and corrode prematurely. Other products are crafted from aluminum, and come in the color of freedom gray, but they can be flimsy and not last for as long as it is needed. None of these really stand up to the elements as needed and often require a fresh coat of paint for protection every couple of seasons.

That said, you will never go wrong with copper leader heads. The pure metal is time tested, durable, and strong under pressure. The longevity of conductor heads made from copper, as well as other gutter system components, like downspouts and conductor pipes, is unmatched. Installers actually prefer copper gutter systems with snow guards because they last for decades without the need for more than routine maintenance.

Copper is also aesthetically pleasing, providing a lovely addition to a building or home that also enriches the exterior’s total appearance. When it is initially installed, a copper conductor head will appear as a shiny, bright pinkish-brown hue. Then after several years, it will develop a gorgeous patina in reaction to the rainwater, humidity, and winter weather that it will endure each season. This lovely patina acts as a natural layer of protection against consistent use, expanding the copper conductor head’s lifespan by up to eighty years.

Copper conductor heads can be found in several distinct styles, so you will always be able to find one to match your building or home. And, if you would like a customized leader head, just know that malleable copper sheet metal can be shaped to match pretty much any building’s design, so you will never be left without matching decor. And, even more importantly, you will have the safety and protection against water damage that only a copper conductor head can provide.

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