Adding Decorative Design to a Home or Office Exterior

The coolness and comfort found under a shady tree on a hot afternoon offers the same benefits a window awning provides to a home or office interior. Studies indicate that approximately 40% of all undesired heat that accumulates in a home or office penetrates through the window. Because of that, exterior shades like window awnings can help control the interior heat gain. Click here to read more about how awnings save money.

window awnings

Window awnings are offered in a variety of materials that can add curb appeal and value to the home or business structure. Through careful selection, they can be installed in a variety of styles that ideally match the structure’s architectural design.

While window openings provide the opportunity to gain outside light to the home or office interior, too much exposure to direct sunlight can be harmful to the components inside. Damaging sunrays can bleach out fabrics and fade flooring materials, draperies and furniture.

Increased Curb Appeal

Typically, the main reason homes and businesses are installed with window awnings is their aesthetic qualities. Window awnings can offer the office or home a significant enhancement to its overall architectural design. They can be crafted and installed in a variety of styles and patterns that can either match the existing exterior decor, or add stylish architectural design to increase its beauty while adding equity to the home or office.

They can be purchased and installed in a variety of materials including fabric, galvanized metal, and copper. Copper awnings add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the structure’s appearance. In addition, window awnings crafted out of copper are designed to last for decades with virtually no maintenance required.

Saves Money

Although the upfront cost of installing window awnings can be expensive, over time the homeowner or business owner can save money. This is because properly placed window awnings can lower monthly utility bills by minimizing the penetration of undesired heat through the window. The window awning is designed to cut back heat gain.

Custom Fits

Window awnings can be designed in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any type of requirement. The awning is sized by its length, width, and depth (the projection of the awning from the structure from the point where it is attached). In addition, awnings can be designed to have a specific rise or shape in its design that does not need to be straight.

Copper customized window awnings can be manufactured in a variety of shapes including straight, half dome, arched, or virtually any other architectural design. Copper has aesthetic qualities because of its natural patina that develops over time. Typically, the installed copper window awning has a new shiny copper appearance. Left to weather naturally, the awning will go through a variety of stages, creating a protective patina that results in a turquoise greenish blue with accents of brown and black.

Out of all the architectural decorative features that can be attached to a home or commercial office, window awnings rate high. This is because they are crafted to block the direct rays of the sun and because they offer outdoor protection from elements including rain and snow. In addition, they offer an aesthetically pleasing curb appeal to the home or office’s exterior.

Window awnings are the ideal solution for minimizing sun exposure to the interior of the home or office, reducing potential health risks to the occupants, including skin conditions.