Some homeowners opt out of installing chimney caps on their home. It’s easy to see why when you look at other people’s chimney cap choices. The typical options can look boring and even down right drab. But did you know chimney caps can be high functioning and stylish?

Chimney caps are the best option to avoid unwanted damage and sometimes, it’s hard to find high functioning exterior protection for your home without having to give up on the style. That’s where we come in!

Here are five reasons why you should give your Chimney a makeover with a Crescent City Copper Chimney Cap.

1. Protection

Especially in South Louisiana, there are rare occasions in which you actually NEED your chimney. For the most part, the value lies in the aesthetic appeal and warm, cozy environment it can create within your home. But just like any other structure, it needs to be taken care of and protected in order for it to last a lifetime.

Chimneys are prone to unwanted moisture caused by rain and snow, especially where we live. Prolonged exposure to moisture could form cracks and speed up deterioration of even the most well made brick and mortar chimney. To make things worse, it could end up as a breeding ground for mold and mildew – yikes!

You don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars for repairs now, do you?

A copper chimney cap is the best solution to get the best protection for your chimney. Not only are Copper chimney caps stylish, they’re durable and eco-friendly. Win, win!

2. Durability = Less Maintenance

Chimney caps, in general, are excellent protective devices. Copper chimney caps, however, are on another level when it comes to quality and functionality. Not only do they provide the best protection for your chimney but they’re also incredibly durable, stylish, cost-effective and eco-friendly! Worth every penny and then some.

Copper provides a durability that cannot be found in chimney caps made of other metals or materials. An added bonus is that Copper doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance. It is easy to clean and maintain, plus it has an amber shine that could last for generations!

Protect your home or commercial property by choosing a customized copper chimney cap today without having to sacrifice the quality and price.

3. Copper Chimney Caps Reduce the Risk of Home Fires

Did you know that an uncovered chimney is a fire hazard? A lot of homeowners don’t realize or even consider that an open chimney is actually a potential fire hazard.

Sparks and burning embers that rise up the chimney are inevitable. When you choose a Crescent City Copper chimney cap that comes with a screen attached, you’re choosing to a chimney cap that also acts as a spark arrestor. That means your chimney cap can prevent sparks and embers from landing on your roof or anywhere near a combustible material.

4. Copper Chimney Capps Add an Elegant Accent to Your Home

For those who are particularly style conscious, adding an ordinary chimney cap could end up looking like an eyesore to the overall aesthetics of your strategically designed home or building. Do you have a particularly persnickety HOA?

We’ve got you covered! At Crescent City Copper, we provide nothing but high quality and artistically crafted copper chimney caps that add the elegant accent you’ve been looking for, to your home.

It’s not often that fashion and function meet in such a beautiful way. Not only does it look unique and classy but, as we’ve mentioned, our chimney caps are incredibly durable too.

We also offer a wide variety of chimney caps which can be customized to fit the exterior of your home or building. Check out our different designs like A-shaped, Bella, Quad, and Round or contact us for a custom design we can work on together!

5. Eco-Friendly

Saving the best for last is the amazing eco-friendly aspect of our Copper chimney caps.

We’ve already mentioned how Copper is durable, stylish, and cost-effective but the most important reason is that it’s a sustainable material unlike any other metal out there.

At Crescent City Copper, our quality metal architectural elements are never created at the expense of the environment. Copper has a long lifecycle and is fully recyclable while still being incredibly durable. Using recycled Copper like we do only takes a fraction of the energy used to mine, mill, smelt and refine new copper.

Getting a Copper chimney cap does not hurt your wallet, your home’s overall aesthetics or the environment. That’s a purchase you can feel good about for the entire lifetime of your home!

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