Awnings offer a lot of functional purposes, which is one of the many reasons homeowners install them on their homes. On a hot, sunny summer day, an awning over a window can provide shade and even help lower your home’s interior temperature (and monthly utility bill).

On rainy days – especially those torrential downpours that seem to just come out of nowhere here in Southern Louisiana – an awning over your front door can mean the difference between you being dry, or soaking wet!

There’s a lot of different materials you can choose from when it comes to selecting an awning for your home. And while some fabric options may come at a discount or even wholesale price point, there’s nothing like a permanent copper awning over your home’s windows or doors to make a statement. In fact, here are 3 reasons why you should add a permanent copper window or door awning to your home.

Add Function and Southern Charm

We’ve already talked about some of the functional reasons you’d want awnings on your home, including staying dry in the rain and cool during hot and sunny summers. But there’s just something about a traditional looking permanent copper awning over your home’s windows or doors that adds that extra pizazz of Southern Charm to the place your call home.

Alternative options, like fabric awnings, can get drenched when it pours – even to the point that the awning is dripping on you, or fade in the summer sun. They also just don’t look as polished as a permanent copper awning does, and often need to be replaced over time due to sun damage and tears.

But permanent copper awnings endure. And, the natural greening of copper, called patina, adds even more aesthetic appeal to your home over time.

Curb Appeal That Makes Buyers Go into a Bidding War

Whether you’re planning on listing your home on the market this summer, or just know where you’re living right now isn’t your forever home, it’s always a good idea to be thinking about how your home’s curb appeal will attract prospective buyers. After all, the exterior of your home is the first image buyers see on realtors’ websites, and the first impression your home makes when buyers actually come to your house to take a tour.

Copper awningsover your home’s windows and doors simply put your home a touch above the neighboring competition. With their beautiful look, Southern charm, and amazing functionality, they’ll make buyers want to change their current address to yours.

Permanent Awnings Are Simply More Stable for Your Home

One of the top reasons that homeowners choose permanent copper awnings is because they’re a more stable option than the temporary or moveable awnings that are on the market. We all know how crazy weather can get.

One big rainstorm or windstorm and that temporary awning you bought at a discount from that website that shares a name with a giant South American rainforest, and your temporary awning can be flying three doors down!

For a solution that will last generations, choose permanent copper awnings to cover your home’s windows and doors.

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